The Complete Guide to Luxury & Designer Replica Clothing

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0. Community Links
1. Popular Sellers & Trusted Dealers

This list will be frequently updated with the best sellers and agents known for their service and quality.

Clicking on any of the names will redirect you to their respective photo albums or websites where you can browse/order conveniently.

The Wave – Caps

BrotherSam – Accessories

Ali – Luxury

Anisa – Luxury

Alex (Vogue) – Bags

Annie – Bags

Queenie – Luxury

Weng – Accessories

Thunder – Clothing

Perfume Guy


Trusted Shipping Services/Agents

Trusted Sellers

Links are subject to change due to stores being shut down sometimes.

0FACSNEAKER – Clothes/Shoes


0832Club-massive clothing selection

  • Yupoo
  • Whatsapp: +86 153 7147 5870


  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: sangjonny6
  • Whatsapp:+8618151330113
  • Instagram:3125tiger

8Billion-high quality clothing

AA Studio-Luxury leather goods and shoes

Abigail-Luxury leather goods and shoes

  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: 17817315728
  • WhatsApp: +8617817315728


Ali-Luxury leather goods and shoes

  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: fy88123
  • Whatsapp: +86 159 0208 1294


  • Yupoo
  • Wechat 1: UncleMAO-
  • Wechat 2: ywx5117
  • Note: She will give you a purchase link from taobao.


Anisa Luxury-bags/shoes/clothing/accessories

  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: anisa8a
  • Whatsapp: +8614750035493

Annie Studio – bags/boots/female

  • Yupoo
  • Whatsapp: +8618502040177

Annie Zhang – Bags

Aooko-sunglasses specialist

Art Refuge-clothing

Blackcat Studios-budget clothing/Canada Goose

Blackeyes Fashion-clothing

  • Yupoo
  • Whatsapp: +86 186 5068 6160


  • WeChat: Sam_Yin777
  • Whatsapp: +86 132 4871 9984
  • Reddit – /u/Brother_sam_yin
  • Note: Direct seller with Paypal


Cloyad-High quality clothing

CND Island-socks and accessories

  • Taobao
  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: xiayeliuhuo
  • Whatsapp: +8613570896298


Davies Clock – High end clothing specialist

Dude9-korean seller

Edward (LatLon) – Sunglasses and Prescription Lens

  • Yupoo
  • Szwogo
  • WhatsApp: +86 158 4725 9571
  • WeChat: nice13141516171819

Essence-Rick Owens specialist


  • Yupoo
  • WeChat:1807016066

Fashion319 – One-stop for all kinds of brands(support direct shipping)

  • Website
  • WhatsApp: +86 199 7266 5564


Feiyu-Canada Goose

  • Taobao
  • Yupoo
  • Whatsapp: +86 180 5953 5899
  • Note: The numbers on the Yupoo match with the Taobao store to order.







Invisible Men-Rick Owens specialist

Jelly – Shoes

  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: q98634974234
  • WhatsApp: +8613060719983


  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: JIEYI168Y
  • Whatsapp:+8618520718693


Kevin-Dior B23 specialist

  • Taobao
  • Note: His store has been taken down a few times. This one may drop.

Koala-Gucci Aces and other designer shoes

  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: DC66169
  • Note: This sellers store was closed and you need to contact them for a taobao purchase link.

Leo – Bags & Quality Womenwear

  • WeChat:Leo_bag588
  • WhatsApp: +86 19120637469
  • Photo Album

Lin-wide selection of shoes

  • Yupoo
  • Note: Based on current circumstances within the reddit community, it is recommended you use an agent to purchase here.


LY Factory-best 1:1 overall seller for many brands

  • Taobao
  • Yupoo
  • Instagram: kenfactory01
  • Wechat:sixhp02


  • Yupoo
  • Whatsapp:+86 188 2372 6241

Mei – Footwear, Heels & Bags

Ming – High Quality Bags, Shoes, Canada Goose & Accessories

Mike Clothes – Amiri Jeans

MonclerMan – Moncler

  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: TopMonclerMan

Naisan-high end shoes

Nina-bags and accessories

  • Yupoo 1
  • Yupoo 2
  • Yupoo 3
  • WeChat: wwujiao, wwujiao2, wwujiao3, wwujiao5, wwujiao6, wwujiao8
  • WhatsApp: +86 185 2926 5101, +86 136 1256 6279, +86 185 2029 6693, +86 189 3431 3152
  • Skype: ninawujiao

Old Cobbler-highest quality LV and accessories

  • Yupoo
  • Whatsapp:+8613104882987
  • Wechat ID: P99999Lv
  • Note: This seller is priced high. They offer the most 1:1 Louis Vuitton known to us.


Peltano-high quality leather jackets

  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: PELTIANO-3

Perfume Guy-perfume

  • Website
  • WhatsApp: +38 1634 1475
  • Instagram
  • Note: This is a seller from Serbia. Not china.


  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: peterchen66888
  • WhatsApp: +86 137 6078 7910

Pink – Designer Accessories

  • WeChat: pink_lemons
  • WhatsApp: +86 186 6553 2050

Piritpower-accurate clothing reps

  • Taobao

Player Shoes-well known for his Common Projects

  • Taobao
  • Note: 1000’s of sales for his achilles low

Python Lab-clothing/accessories

Queenie – Bags/Shoes/Belts/Accessories

  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: bling2015
  • WhatsApp: +8615202090486

Reondistrict-korean store

  • Website
  • Note: This is a seller from Korea. You cannot ship to agent.

Rick Owens or “Rick”-very high quality



  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: Y895219486
  • Note: Message her to obtain the password.

Survialsource-jewelry and clothing

Talewest – Shoes & Bags

Note:Self Alexander McQueen factory, adept in 1:1 quality.

The Wave-caps and accessories

Thunder Fashion – Clothing

  • Yupoo
  • WhatsApp:+8617085236387
  • WeChat:tiantaking

Top Acney-Acne seller

Top Givenchy – Givenchy seller

  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: +8615820920432

Top Moncler CN – Moncler

  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: TopMonclerv

Top Moncler X – Moncler

UK Park – Clothing

  • Yupoo
  • WeChat: ukpark666 or ukpark888

Vetementsshop-best Vetements

  • Yupoo
  • Wechat: vetementsshop

Weng – Luxury Accessories

  • WhatsApp: +86 18588998232
  • WeChat :18588998232
  • Yupoo
  • Yupoo

YOYO – Clothing, Shoes and Luxury Accessories

  • WhatsApp: +86 13121283098 +86 18578665015
  • WeChat: yoyo1857665015
  • Yupoo



2. Beginner's Guide to r/DesignerReps
The basics

Many of the best replicas in the world come from China. Finding vendors can be difficult, as there are thousands of vendors out there that are willing to sell you something. The difference is knowing where and how to get the best items for your dollars.

To order from China, you will either need to find a vendor/seller that will ship directly to your address, or use an “agent” to collect your items from various vendors and ship them to you all at once. If you are planning to order directly from a vendor, the main sources of communication will be WeChat and WhatsApp. Both of these can be downloaded on any app store. Majority of people use an “agent,” as it decreases the likelihood of anything bad happening.

Vendor/Seller: The individual that you actually buy from.

Agent: A middleman or service that will order items for you and take care of the process from start to finish. Agents store your items in their warehouse, provide photos of the items you purchased, and then ship all your items to you at once. They work for you and ease the ordering process.

Recommended agents:

Pandabuy 5% DISCOUNT SIGN UP BONUS How to use Pandabuy
CityGoBuy $90 SIGN UP BONUS How to use CityGoBuy
Sugargoo $45 SIGN UP BONUS How to use Sugargoo
Superbuy (Accepting Reps Again!) 20% FREIGHT DISCOUNT (use code “derpnov21” on checkout) + $86 SIGN UP BONUS How to use Superbuy

Each of these agents have an easy platform to use and have created their own guides on how to order with them to negate any confusion about the overall replica process. It is basically copy and paste system. But reading the agent guides is very important before getting started.

Finding items and trusted vendors

Almost all replica vendors rely on word of mouth for sales. Reddit is a great way to find vendor shops. So visit Reddit frequently and you will be sure to find some pieces you love. Each reddit post requires a link or contact for the vendor, so this is the easiest way to spot items you want. Many links will be in Chinese, but do not worry, you can just right click and choose “translate to english” on Google Chrome.

There are many trusted seller lists found on Reddit that you can browse and use to spot pieces. Sellers on these lists have provided quality items time and time again and are the easiest to work with.

DesignerReps Trusted Sellers: Luxury Brands, Leather Goods, & Shoes

RepLadies Trusted Sellers: Leather Goods & Shoes, but Female Focussed

FashionReps Trusted Sellers: Streetwear, Luxury Brands, & Shoes

RepSneakers Trusted Sellers: Mostly Hype Shoes Like Jordans

Massive List by /u/sheeraaks: List For Yupoo Sellers

Shipping and avoiding customs

Whether you are shipping directly or with an agent, you will need to think about import taxes. Each country has different rules for shipping without getting hit with import taxes. We recommend you discuss this with whoever is shipping your goods. They have a lot of experience shipping to your country and will know better than anyone else. Any good vendor or agent will inform you about your country’s shipping requirements. You can also use the reddit search bar to search your country.

Looking for items on Reddit

There is a function called the Reddit search bar sitting at the top of r/DesignerReps. Basically, you just need to type the brand or item description you are looking for and “sort by new”. A second option is to simply search the web for the item you want and add “Reddit” to your search. Most reps will come up on a search.


3. Brand Guide & List of Stores

Brand guides

Alexander McQueen

  1. The Ultimate Guide to McQ Sneakers Reps // Credit: u/Kariminal99 | Updated July 2019 // Credit: u/Baner424


  1. The Acne Studios Thread // Credit: u/TheShynola


  1. Homme Sweatshirt: how to distinguish the retail piece from the one used for stock images and fashion shows // Credit: u/jrmio


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Balmain Reps // Credit: u/goyarddon

Canada Goose

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Canada Goose Reps // Credit: u/Killzo14


  1. Guide to Givenchy Distressed Logo T-Shirt // Credit: u/Av1c3nna


  1. Guide to Goyard Card Holders // Credit: u/buttzest


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Gucci Reps // Credit: u/goyarddon
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Gucci Reps Pt. 2 // Credit: u/goyarddon
  3. Guide to Vintage-Inspired Logo Print T-Shirt // Credit: u/Cougddit
  4. Guide to LC Gucci Sweatshirt & Understanding Re-Seller’s Tactics // Credit: u/–Yami_Marik–

Louis Vuitton

  1. Guide to Chapman’s Brothers Monogram T-Shirt // Credit: u/ImNotGoodInNames
  2. Guide on how to legit check Louis Vuitton packaging // Credit: u/Taymerica1389


  1. Guide to Margiela’s low-tier reps

Raf Simons

  1. Guide to Stain The RS Patch Denim Shirt // Credit: u/childrenovmen
  2. The Definitive Guide to the Top 10 Raf Simons Reps // Credit: u/TheShynola
  3. Art Refugees Raf Simons Virginia Creeper Crewneck Distressing Guide // Credit: u/thrashbat

Saint Laurent

  1. Guide to Teddy Jacket reps // Credit: u/TheShynola
  2. Guide to backpack reps // Credit: u/TheShynola

Thom Browne

  1. Guide to Thom Browne reps // Credit: u/JCB003


  1. Guide to Designer Sneakers on Taobao // Credit: u/goyarddon
  2. Avant-Garde Rep/Custom Master Store // Credit: u/Noragi
  3. Designer belts // Credit: u/faizan135679
  4. Neck tags/labels (see comments) // Credit: u/mr_greenn | Alternative // Credit: u/SaintLaurentParys
  5. Guide to business attire on Taobao // Credit: u/SaintLaurentParys
  6. Guide to perfumes from Peracar00 the Perfume Guy // Credit: u/peracar00

Lists of stores

These are suggested by the community. The trusted sellers list can be found here.


KoreanBuddy’s trusted sellers list

Korean stores // 19 Stores

More korean stores // 58 Stores

Korean Stores Pt. 1


Designer store // Givenchy, Moncler, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Prada, etc.)

Designer shoe stores list by u/GoyardParis

High End Taobao store // Womens clothing only

Luxury Counter // Taobao store with Gucci, Dior, Versace, Dries Van Noten, Fendi etc.

Utopia Shoe Shop // Taobao store with rick footwear

Taobao stores list by u/ImWaaal

The Fashion World // Taobao store with SLP, TB, RO, NB, MB etc.

Thom Browne Taobao store // Cheap items

Gucci phone cases Taobao store

Versace store

Gucci Watches stores 1

Gucci Watches stores 2

Albert Franken // Givenchy, Gucci, Thom Browne among others

Eaae Home // BV, SLP, Gucci, Burberry etc.

3-SHUN (for women)

Store full of Chanel, Dior, and some Gucci Pendants/Earrings/Brooches/Necklaces

List of some stores sorted by brands

Massive store carrying Gucci, Givenchy, Thom Browne etc.

Massive store carrying floral designs

Glasses Yupoo store

Store with brand clothes hangers and brand dust bags (SLP, Dior, D&G, Fendi, Balenciaga etc.)

A Yupoo/WeChat seller that sells about a million different shoes

Designer polo shop // Bottega Veneta, Moncler, Gucci, Versace, Armani…

Store carrying Givenchy, Valentino, Burberry…

Designer Shoe Store // Hermès, Berluti, Chanel…

Store with a lot a lot of designer jackets // Gucci, Thom Browne, Canada Goose, Valentino etc.

Silver Shop carrying Gucci Rings, earrings/bracelets, Chrome Hearts and other goodies

Store with lots of sneakers & belts // Gucci, LV, Versace, Prada…

925 Sterling Silver Store

Rep Watch store with tons of Monblanc pens

Small store carrying SLP, Gucci, Thom Browne…

Couple Nice Designer Stores

Taobao store that has many 2018 designer pieces

Top tier factory (Gucci items mainly)

Prada store with detailed pictures of products

2 Taobao stores carrying Bottega Veneta

Store with a lot of Gucci, Givenchy, Prada, Versace, etc.

Store with a large shirt collection

Lists of finds


Avant-garde items found by u/adrianzimmer42

Another list of finds by u/GoyardParis

Haider Ackermann finds list by u/geekbrandon

Huge finds list by u/GoyardParis (part 1)

Huge finds list by u/GoyardParis (part 2)

List 1 by u/givenchyparis

List 2 by u/givenchyparis

List 3 by u/givenchyparis

Raf Simons finds by u/adrianzimmer42

Various finds list by u/HALFAPERC // Gucci, Moncler, Fendi, MMJ, Givenchy etc. (part 1)

Various finds list by u/HALFAPERC // Moschino, Gucci, SLP, Kenzo, Balmain etc. (part 2)

34 designers, 130+ items list by u/GoyardParis

Huge finds list by u/Virtued

Some finds by u/giratina12

List by u/Astalarepgod

Gucci finds list by u/Astalarepgod

Gucci finds list 2 by u/Astalarepgod

Various finds list by u/Astalarepgod // Acne, Burberry, Moncler, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Givenchy, Thom Browne…

Various finds list 2 by u/Astalarepgod

Various finds list 3 by u/Astalarepgod

Various finds list 4 by u/Astalarepgod

Various finds list 5 by u/Astalarepgod

Huge finds list by u/Astalarepgod

Huge finds list 2 by u/Astalarepgod

Various finds list by u/ferrarimustafa // Prada, Versace, SLP

Small list by u/chambers11 // Prada vests, Gucci shorts + Green tracksuit, Givenchy, LV shirt, Gucci ring etc.

New list of finds by u/adrianzimmer42

Another new list of finds by u/adrianzimmer42

List of shopping bags by u/musafiroz

Women’s AliExpress list by u/devler

Small list by u/Grandoni7

Thread about tags by u/mr_greenn

Women’s AliExpress list 2 by u/devler

Moncler finds list by u/rxzl

New list of finds by u/adrianzimmer42 (November)

New list of finds by u/adrianzimmer42 (December)


Various finds list by u/Okunev // D&G, SLP, MCQ, Prada…

Small list by u/izanami7 // Gucci shorts, Balenciaga, Vetements…

Women’s Taobao Finds by u/Whitedishes // Moschino, For Love and Lemons, Chanel, Wildfox, Gucci…

Baby/Kids Designer clothes list by u/gunchester // Gucci, Fendi, Burberry, D&G…

Women’s AliExpress list 3 by u/devler

Gucci Master List with multiple sellers per piece V1.0, by u/bthundergun

Small list by u/DELTA_ONYX // Givenchy, Gucci, Cartier

Small list by u/Okunev // D&G, SLP, Givenchy…

Small designer belts list by u/akaJako// Gucci, Hermès, Burberry

New list of finds by u/adrianzimmer42 (January)

List of designer jewelery by u/BanterMaster420 // Tiffany, Cartier, Louis Vuitton…

Budget basics list by u/adrianzimmer42

Raf Simons’ SS18 Collection list by u/jrmio

New list of finds by u/adrianzimmer42 (March)

Small list by u/Gilllfred // Prada, Fendi, Canada Goose, Moncler, Versace

Various finds list by u/mormonboners // Acne, CDG, Valentino, Prada, SLP, Gucci…

Some finds by u/giratina12

Small list of budget Balenciaga bags, accessories and clothing by u/SaintLaurentParys

Prada SS18 T-Shirts list by u/todas368

New list of finds by u/adrianzimmer42 (April)

Small list by u/thomassaboftl

Various finds list by u/OW-NIGGA // Acne, Balenciaga, Prada, Raf Simons, Undercover…

Gucci finds list by u/sofamus

Gucci Master List with multiple sellers per piece V2.0, by u/bthundergun

Some Dior finds by u/DandyWasbeer

Burberry double-collared coat and jackets finds by u/muscular_poops

Acne Studios finds list by u/childrenovmen

Louis Vuitton “Titanium” list by u/GuhdKed

New store carrying neck tags by u/SaintLaurentParys

Gucci finds list by u/sofamus

MONCLER Master List by u/bthundergun

Burberry finds list by u/GuhdKed

Burberry Master List, by u/bthundergun

Gucci Master List with multiple sellers per piece V3.0, by u/bthundergun

FW/Tech/Outerwear List, by u/OnlineRoadman

Small Hedi Slimane Saint Laurent List, by u/Jellyho


Visvim Small Finds List by u/gx36000

Weidian and Taobao Finds List (T-shirts, wallets, accessories..) by u/KublaiK

Alyx Finds List Pt. 1 (T-shirts, sweaters, accessories…) by u/VideoGenie

Weidian and Taobao Finds List Part. 2 by u/KublaiK

Dior Finds List by u/VideoGenie

Raf Simons Finds List by u/wbstrd

Store With Yohji Yamamoto, Julius, Boris Bidjan Saberi… by u/thrashbat

Store with Rick Owen’s Jackets, T-shirts, Pants, Shoes, etc. by u/hinotoritezuka

Louis Vuitton Master List with multiple sellers per piece V1.0, by u/bthundergun

Accessories & jewelry list, by u/connoryuh

Alyx Finds List Pt. 2 by u/VideoGenie

Small Rick Owens, Maison Margiela and Guidi Finds List by u/edliwj

Gucci Mid 2019 Master List, by u/bthundergun

Cav Empt Shirts and Random Jewelry, by u/DerpBaggage

Mens t-Shirts and summer dresses (Burberry, Prada, LV, Gucci, Dior…), by u/FDimple

Acne Studio Finds List, by u/nachooooooooooooo

Various finds list by u/ozenfvnt (Alyx, Kiko Kostadinov, ACW, etc.)

Huge Gucci Finds List Pt. 1 by u/ClassicWoodpecker

Sneakers Finds List by u/ilovesupream

Enfants Riches Déprimés (ERD) Finds List by u/MASTODONfw16

Huge Gucci Finds List Pt. 2 by u/ClassicWoodpecker

Huge Maison Margiela Finds List by u/Eazy9815


4. Common FAQ

“What’s the difference between r/FashionReps and this subreddit?”

  • r/DesignerReps focuses only on luxury and high fashion replicas, thus being a more helpful and diverse subreddit than r/FashionReps for these houses and brands.

“Can I post about streetwear here?”

  • No. If you’re interested in replicas besides the segment of this subreddit, then check out the other subreddits in the sidebar as well as the Allowed & Not Allowed Brands page for more info.

“But what about collaborations?”

  • Please check the list of brands linked right above for the most up-to-date information.

“Can I submit shitposts and memes?”

“I want to post a review or make a post. How much karma do I need?”

  • A minimum of 5 post AND comment karma, plus an account age of a few days or higher is required before you begin posting (account age restriction is continuously updated and not communicated to prevent spam).

“I don’t know how to make a review? Is there some template to make it easier?”

  • Of course! Here‘s the review template.

“Where can I join the Designer Reps server on Slack, Discord…?”

  • There are none, it might never happen and we are not affiliated with any of the third party servers created by our subscribers.

“I just found a replica on Grailed, what should I do?”

  • You can report listings to Grailed using the report button on a listing or by emailing a link and brief description to As a last option, you can also submit a thread while paging u/grailedofficial in comments.

“Why can’t I flair my posts?”

  • Our automoderator is continuously updated to learn how to do it for you. While nothing is perfect, wrong-flaired posts are checked daily but if you find any post with a wrong flair, then feel free to report it. There is a specific rule for it.


5. Common Terminology

QC: Quality Control (QC for short) is talking about pictures that are posted from an agent of an item that was ordered. Users will post these if they’re unsure about the quality and would rather have someone else take a look at them if they’re good enough.

LC: Legit Check (LC for short) Much like the name states, this is a tag used for posts requiring a legit check. Legit checks are a great way of finding out if a item you’re purchasing is authentic or not.

GP: Guinea Pig (GP for short) Guinea Pigging is much like being a test subject. In this instance you will be the first person to order a seller’s new item. This means you’ll be the first to get pictures of their product and oftentimes you’ll post them to be checked for quality by the community.

FIND: Much like the name states. Posts with this flair are often linked to new products that haven’t been posted before.

W2C:: Where To Cop (W2C for short) W2C refers to the search for a desired item. Oftentimes will be linked with retail images for an example.

1:1: One to One (1:1 for short) 1:1 refers to a perfect replica. However, not many exist and oftentimes you won’t be able to get these as they’re sold out.

GL: Green Light (GL for short) GL Refers to a user who has given their approval of a QC post.

RL: Red Light (RL for short) RL Refers to a user who has given their disapproval of a QC post.

B&S: Bait & Switch (BS or B&S for short) B&S Refers to a seller who has advertised their product and sent goods that are different from advertised.

PSP: Pre Shipping Pictures is just another way of saying QC. PSP is mostly used over at r/repladies.

Gen: Genuine item aka authentic. This is a term often used over at r/reptime. People refer to “Gens” when they are discussing retail items.

Haul: A bunch of replica items shipped at once is called a haul or hauling. Hauling is the recommended way of ordering replicas, as it is typically a better bang for your buck when shipping.

7. Massive List of Guides on Reddit


This section is for guides about many topics related to designer reps.

Korean stores

  1. Korean Stores and how to navigate them // Credit: Oneonefriend
  2. How to create accounts on korean sites // Credit: u/nedzo
  3. Step-by-step how to sign up to Korean sites // Credit: u/iamnogood_


  1. Suede, leather, silk products // Credit: u/repl0rd


  1. How to use the search bar on Reddit // Credit: u/ourlegacy


  1. The Full Superbuy Agent Guide | Discounts, Comparison, Customs, Europe, Ordering, Shipping, Splitting, Review // Credit: u/hyperionfr | original guide by u/tahsinsy
  2. Comparison of different shipping agents // Credit: u/Bimchi
  3. Complete Postal services + customs // Credit: u/aLWcsgo
  4. The fastest way to get QC pics from Superbuy // Credit: u/jrmio
  5. How to transfer items between Superbuy warehouses // Credit: u/MAGiCVLGiRL
  6. Import limits for a bunch of countries and import tax info // Credit: u/SuperbuyMod
  7. How to clear your parcel from customs // Credit: u/drake1695
  8. A short explanation to Superbuy shipping costs // Credit: u/lacim2
  9. 3 methods to how to quickly make a fake invoice for customs // Credit: u/_CardiB_
  10. Why your package gets seized and what happens afterwards // Credit: u/nevermindpanda


  1. Help, I’m New! Where Do I start? // Credit: u/hyperionfr | original guide by u/butter404
  2. How to buy off of Taobao using an agent (Superbuy) | (2018) // Credit: u/triippiing | (2017) // Credit: u/triippiing
  3. How to ship items marked as “contraband” by EMS/DHL via Taobao Direct // Credit: u/124rqaedsfasfd
  4. How to find products on Taobao with Keyword and Image search // Credit: u/adrianzimmer42 | Images Tutorial // Credit: u/knownkaleidoscope
  5. How to find products on Taobao with Image search (advanced) // Credit: Oneonefriend | alternative by u/wailll
  6. VIDEO: How to create an account on Taobao, buy directly from them or through Superbuy // Credit: u/replifetv | alternative by u/kschang
  7. How to find anything you need on Taobao // Credit: u/patirgang
  8. How to use Taobao Global Consolidate Shipping // Credit: u/nexezz
  9. Useful chinese words for taobao use // Credit: u/ahnm
  10. New method of purchasing via Taobao x WeChat // Credit: u/adrianzimmer42
  11. VIDEO: How to buy from secret Taobao stores // Credit: u/triippiing
  12. How to resurrect dead links // Credit: u/kezotoviv
  13. Browser extension Taobao to Superbuy that opens your Taobao links in Superbuy // Credit: u/stayrare

Translating chinese

  1. How to translate measurements on mobile // Credit: u/bthundergun
  2. How to translate measurements of size charts in Chinese // Credit: u/Flexandary
  3. Chinese translations for pants, trousers, jeans etc. // Credit: u/Flexandary
  4. Chinese to english measurement translations from Taobao // Credit: Taobao


  1. Comprehensive guide to buying from Taobao and other Chinese websites: Thread | Document // Credit: u/anitalianguy
  2. Debunking agent commissions once and for all // Credit: u/AlvertEinstein
  3. Acronyms and abbreviations // Credit: u/yeoldsmith
  4. Solid advice for using your credit card on rep websites // Credit: u/yeezyrep
  5. Recognizing good rep factories // Credit: u/adrianzimmer42


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8. A Complete Visual Guide to Buying Replica Designer Clothing

Introduction: The biggest and oldest of all trades

In the world of designer replicas, no other item is produced and sold more than clothing. For a trade that took off nearly half a century ago, there could be at least 1,000 factories out there today producing hundreds of thousands of different styles every year.

Contrary to other sides of the repworld for example where factories only deal with a handful of individuals, clothing is pretty much a wide open market: most factories are open for business and will take orders from anyone knocking on their doors. By factory, we refer to places that sell finished/ready to sell items or workshops that can reproduce any design upon demand. Thanks to this open door policy, many (re)sellers (if they are doing this on their own without any help) start their businesses selling clothing: the most popular styles are easy to find, shipping is fairly cheap, there’s a lower risk of seizures and most important the profits are good.

In DHgate, there are mainly 2 types of sellers that you will come across with: 1- sellers that deal directly with specific factories (mostly for high quality items);

2- sellers ordering from a wholesale website or physical warehouse location/ middlemen (mostly budget/mid tier items).

Shopping for designer replica clothing can be challenging at times; especially if you are looking for a specific piece at the best possible quality. Always shop around and be patient! Sometimes, good batches are simply not available at the moment. Instead of making an impulsive purchase and risk getting something below your expectations, save yourself some trouble by whether shopping other styles or your money for a later time. Also, always remember that every single seller is a reseller. There are no factories selling directly to a consumer in DHgate (or even elsewhere). Listing prices can vary dramatically from one seller to another or even from one day to another. With these key points in mind, the goal of this visual tutorial will be to present you with some basics of the trade while offering some tips on what to look out for and what to avoid.

Disclaimer: The following guide aims to provide its readers some general guidelines and tips when shopping for designer replica clothing in DHgate. This is not a definitive or ultimate guide. All the information provided comes from my own shopping experience and interaction with different DHgate sellers throughout the years.

What to expect and things to know before ordering


Sizing is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying. Finding the right size can often be a coin toss. Size charts are normally available; but always beware that they are not 100% accurate. As a 101 rule, the higher the quality the closer to retail the item will be: for example, budget pieces will almost always run smaller (based on Asian sizes); while high quality ones will be true to size or close to reflect the retail world.

If you are not sure which size to pick, ask the seller for suggestions or have him/her try it while asking for their measurements. This shall give you a good idea of how close or far you are from your desired size.

Availability and sales: a seasonal affair

When it comes to availability, rep clothing follows 2 general rules:

1) Budget and some mid-tier quality items are massively produced and available all year long for most of the popular styles;

2) High quality or (near) 1:1 items are produced in very limited quantities and released during seasonal cycles (based on the Northern hemisphere/Chinese seasons). As a result, timing is key when shopping for these: if you find your desired item at the right price from a seller that you deem trustworthy, buy it before it sells out; as that item may never ever be replicated again.

For the more popular styles, the first released batches are normally the highest graded ones during the production run of that item. As an example, if you are looking for a heavy full winter jacket, late October to early December would be the best time to buy.

Just like in the retail world, rep factories always have clearance sales for some specific end of season items in order to make space for the new collections. For example, towards the end of the winter season or start of spring (March to May), some high quality winter jackets may be sold at very discounted prices. These ‘liquidation’ items are never listed by the mainstream sellers in DHgate.

Instead, new popup stores randomly open up selling these overstock or end of season items: if you are lucky enough to find a good seller and willing to order from a store with very few transactions, then you may have found a gold mine! Just beware that these stores tend to remain open for a very brief period of time. For the more experienced buyers, you can always contact your favourite seller(s) asking for these. They may be able to pull some nice deals out of their hats!

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 1)

r/DHgate - Click here for Part 2 ➡

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

Women’s Clothing

Has quite possibly the largest selection of styles in all of the fashion repworld.

In DHgate, sellers are very widespread and each only seems to carry particular styles. They may order a specific item upon request from a wholesale website or middlemen, but prices may be high with unchecked quality;

Sizes can be an issue for items like dresses, one pieces and skirts as factories rely on different measurements;

High quality items are extremely limited, as most of the stock is sold to the Asian market first;

Pro tip: Because of the great number of styles available, you may only find a particular style in one graded quality. High quality coats and jackets are an exception, since they are by far the most profitable to sell.

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

Children’s clothing

Only 2 types of quality are produced: cheap budget and high quality.

They cost as much as adult clothing with some high quality ones costing even more. For this reason, most DHgate sellers only list the cheaper batches for sale. Higher quality ones are also available, but listings are rare with very few buyers and reviews;

Pro tip: Depending on the child’s age (baby, toddler or teen), it may not be worth it to pay top dollars for something that will be worn only a few times. For budget items, other websites dedicated to kid’s clothing offer very similar quality in terms of fabrics and craftsmanship (therefore, you will only be paying a premium to have the brand’s name).

On the same level, high quality items are rarely 1:1s with the vast majority being fantasy items. Their quality is great overall, but the high prices may not justify the investment, since you can easily find comparable and more affordable branded items in the retail world.

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)


u/FabulousNinja8399 - Buying designer replica clothing in DHgate: a visual guide (Part 2)

Assessing the quality and value of an item: what the seller/factory pictures show

Great work so far! A number of sellers replied with each one of them providing their own distinctive factory pictures. From here, your task will be to compare them to see which one is the closest to the authentic version for the price that you are willing to pay for.

On your analysis, take note of these key points:

Budget items very rarely feature closeup shots, as they will normally expose their flaws. Therefore, the more closeup pics available the better an item tends to be;

Examine the quality and accuracy of the tags and labels: they are almost inevery single way a reflection of the overall quality of the item itself;

Look for the smallest details such as the font used on the text, the size of the emblem/badge and the colour accuracy.

Final assessment

Congratulations! You’ve done your homework and your analysis. You found 8 potential sellers having your desired sweater for sale. Now, it is time to make a decision. Based on what you’ve seen and heard from each seller, your decision should be based on:

1) Price vs quality 2) Level of communication

– Was the seller approachable/friendly or pushy?

– Did he/she answer all my questions/concerns?

3) The seller’s ability to send you real pictures before shipping

– Always ask if they do or not prior to ordering. A seller that does will certainly spare you of an unsatisfied deal. Unfortunately, many sellers do not keep their promise and will end up shipping the item before showing it to you.

4) Go with your gut

– Buying reps is all about trust. Trust that the other party will deliver a quality product that matches the price you paid. With experience, you will be able to pick up the smallest details and become a human lie detector test; but for now, if you are taking your first baby steps, apply what you learned here and go with your instinct.

If you researched and did your due diligence properly, the deal will most likely be to your full satisfaction.