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0. Community Links

r/RepLadies Reddit (Currently closed)

1. Introduction to r/RepLadies

Gone, but not forgotten 🪦 Sadly our beloved subreddit has permanently closed to the public and access to the historic wiki has been revoked. There have been numerous discords, WhatsApp and Wechat groups that have splintered off since, but the core info from the wiki is fragmented across these platforms and difficult to follow. This wiki is a gently modified replica of the original RepLadies wiki and guides, before the content disappears forever.

RepLadies is was a happy place for discussion about women’s replica (and authentic) handbags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. The r/RepLadies subreddit was formed in hopes of creating a community where we can all enjoy fashion at any level, share our experiences, reviews, likes, dislikes, and everything in between!

2. The Newbies Guide to Ladies Replica Fashion

If you always felt that online shopping was missing an element of excitement and intrigue, well then, it’s kismet you found us. Prepare to have your mind blown by the world of high-end replicas. We’re talking indistinguishable copies of luxury items at a fraction of the (absurd) cost with the added bonus of sticking it to the man! You’ll want to buy everything in sight, but try to take it easy. It’s hard to resist the impulse. We understand more than anyone. These reps aren’t going anywhere though, and there’s quite a bit of groundwork we need to get you caught up on. Assuming you’ve never ordered reps directly from China, we’ll help you navigate this expansive and, at times, complicated world. Without further ado, let’s get you closer towards all the amazing things that’s soon to come your way.

Great Expectations

First, we want to share an incisive post from r/Repsneakers that really resonated with us and sums up our buyer philosophy:


These are made in the middle-of-nowhere in China.

These factories that produce the reps do NOT have the same quality control, protocol, and standards as factories commissioned by Adidas.

You have the right to be entitled, but only to a certain extent. You know damn well that you’re buying replicas, so don’t act like you deserve the same treatment as if you were buying legits.

These reps are being hand assembled by factory workers who probably get paid jackshit, so they’re bound to make mistakes like having the stitching ever so slightly off, which causes the stripe placement to be 2mm off. The machinery in the factory is probably not the same as or as well maintained as the machinery in factories that are commissioned by Adidas. Don’t forget that the materials are not the same as well for the most part.

Even with the best and latest batches of UA [Unauthorized Authentic] reps that we have currently, you have to realize that sometimes the minor differences in the pattern, or the stripe, or whatever the fuck we’re QCing in the shoes compared to retails is due to the fact that, most of the time, retail pairs with those faults in the fabric stitching or whatever will get rejected by the retail factories and probably won’t be distributed by Adidas at all. Rep factories probably don’t have that high of a standard, so their standard for a factory reject is not similar to a factory that produces retails.

That is why sometimes the excuse “but I’ve never seen a retail pair like that” is just totally wrong…

When I first got into the rep game and looking to buy my first Yeezy 350 rep, a seller (for a factory that produces 1 of the 3 common UA/Yeezy 350/750 batches that you all know and come here for) once told me (I swear the seller told me this, but I’m paraphrasing here), “I’ll be honest, our factory can never make it 1:1. If our factory can make 1:1, we should just make pairs for Adidas instead.”

It stuck with me ever since.

This is so crucial for everyone to understand and you need to read our buyer’s guide before you purchase a single thing. There’s a lot you can expect, but when those expectations aren’t met, it’s no excuse to behave poorly. Returning or exchanging reps isn’t always an option, and if you’re that picky, you should stick to buying authentic. It’s not what many people want to hear, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Pointing out flaws in alignment, color, or whatever is fine in so long as you’re cognizant of the fact that there are limits to what these factories can produce. And as u/ivsguy perfectly explained, if they could make true “1:1” goods, they would be working for the luxury brands directly.

Where Do I Start?

Essential Reading

Here is a shortlist of other resources you absolutely should look through and perhaps even bookmark:

  • Wiki Index – A compilation of all our wiki pages, member-written guides, and everything else you could possibly need.
  • FAQ – Totally self-explanatory.
  • Acronyms – Acronyms and Terms Glossary
  • Buyer Etiquette – The best buyers are the nice reasonable ones.
  • List of frequently used and reviewed sellers and agents. None of sellers and agents are endorsed. Feel free to choose which seller you like. Remember this is an illegal industry. Buy at your own risk. No one will be able to mediate your order issues should any arise.

What to Buy

There are so many options that it’s probably easier for you to identify everything you don’t want. When we first discovered reps, self-control instantly became a foreign concept. We were enamored with all the brands and designs suddenly available to us at such appealing prices, it practically scrambled our synapses. It almost didn’t matter what we bought, we were so eager to receive something – anything! – ASAP, so learn from our mistakes and pace yourself. Do some online window shopping. Take your time gathering inspiration.

WeChat and Yupoo Sellers

Choosing a Seller

There are a core group of sellers that have been reviewed by RL members. Their contact info can be found on the sellers and agents list. Some of them specialize in specific brands like Hermès or certain categories such as shoes and jewelry. Others sell anything and everything.

Read reviews (all contain seller feedback) to figure out who you may want to work with. There are buyers who have developed a relationship with a few sellers and they’re comfortable with them, so they don’t feel the need to venture beyond those they’ve had good experiences with. On the other hand, you may enjoy trialing new sellers. Just because someone isn’t on our list, doesn’t mean they can’t be trusted. Be aware of the risks though. Even sellers that have been widely regarded as trustworthy have been exposed as dishonest. Any seller could easily steal your money, or you can get bait and switched (B&S). For the most part, sellers aren’t looking to screw anyone over. Their objective is to earn a living, keep their customers happy, and encourage repeat business.

How to Order

For those who are new-new to reps, here is the general process for ordering from a WeChat/Yupoo seller:

  1. Contact the seller through WeChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, email, etc. to ask about availability and price. Send a photo of the item you wish to buy.
  2. The seller will let you know whether or not they can get it for you. The product may not be repped, or the seller might not have access to the factory producing it. Be prepared to reach out to a few different sellers. If it is available, the seller may send you photos of the product(s) you inquired about. If they don’t, ask for it. The pictures are not of the exact item you will be getting. They are sample images that were furnished by the factory or pictures the sellers have taken themselves for a previous order. Factory stock pics are ideal to have so you’ll know what you can expect to receive and for QC purposes. You’ll only get actual photos of the rep after you have paid for it.
  3. Once you’ve decided to purchase, send the seller money using whatever form of payment they accept, which typically includes Western Union (WU), MoneyGram (MG), PayPal/Xoom, TransferWise, Alipay/Taobao, and AE/DHG. Not all sellers use the same payment methods. PayPal Friends & Family may only be an option for returning customers. It’s risky for sellers due to high instances of chargebacks.
  4. After the seller receives your money (depending on payment method, receipt isn’t instantaneous and can require several business days to process), they will place an order with the factory. Fulfillment can take a week or up to several months for custom orders. It’s not uncommon for an item to go out of stock midway through the process and it requires flexibility on your part. Ask the seller when it will be available again. Determine if you want to continue waiting. If not, you can choose to buy the same item from a different factory, pick something else that is in stock, or request a refund.
  5. When the item is in the seller’s possession, they will send you Quality Check/Control (QC) or Pre-Shipment Pictures (PSP). These are actual photos of what you purchased. You should make it a habit to confirm if the seller will send PSP during the inquiry stage. You can’t always assume that they will. Remember to be rational with your concerns. Exchanges are routinely denied over minor variances and discrepancies.
  6. Inform the seller that you’re ready to ship (also known as Green Lighting or GL) and verify the address you gave to them. The seller will hand over your purchase to a shipping agent who will be responsible for packing and transferring the parcel to the carrier. A tracking number will be provided to you. Allow at least a couple days for the tracking to update before messaging your seller about why your package isn’t moving.
  7. Your order has made it safely past customs, was delivered to you, and, hopefully, you love it.

How to Communicate With Sellers in Chinese

If you encounter a situation where you’ll need to speak to your seller in Chinese, use Google Translate, Baidu Translate, or WeChat’s own translation tool.

It may sound obvious, but you have to stick to very simple sentence structures to yield the most accurate translations. For example, if you want to say something like “The bag in the picture looks good, but the color isn’t accurate. Can you exchange for a different one?” Plugging that sentence as-in into the translator might result in garbled nonsense, which will only confuse the seller more. Like any language, Chinese is complex and nuanced, so keep the phrasing short and direct. A better way to say that would be:

“The quality is good” – 质量好

“However” – 然而

“The color is wrong” – 颜色错了

“Can you send it back?” – 你可以发回?

“And get a new one?” – 并得到新的?

An even better way to ask for an exchange courtesy of a native speaker:

亲 (Dear),我觉得包包品质很不错 (I feel that the bag is of excellent quality),非常漂亮(It is very pretty)。但是我感觉颜色有点差别 (However, I feel the color is a bit off/different)。你能帮我退换 (Can you help me return) 和跟广场订一个新的吗 (And from the factory, order a new one)?谢谢! (Thank you!)

For extra assurance, run the Chinese characters back through the translator. If the English translation makes sense, then it’s likely the seller will understand what you’re trying to convey. If you want to be more thorough, consider sending your seller messages in both English and Chinese:

  1. It allows you to follow the conversation and not have to re-translate everything, and
  2. If the Chinese translation doesn’t make sense to the seller, they can translate your English messages on their end.

Here is a screenshot of a seller convo using this tactic. Note that both the English and Chinese texts sent were brief, simple sentences.

Resolving Order Issues

Not all transactions will be smooth sailing and problems are bound to arise. Approach every obstacle with empathy. Sadly, we often have to remind people that sellers are human beings who are working hard to support themselves and their families. At times, they have to grapple with health or familial issues which forces them to step away from their job. Be patient with them. When things go wrong, it isn’t automatically their fault, so don’t be so quick to point the finger. It isn’t productive to assign blame anyway. Sellers are the middlemen between us and the factories. They cannot be held accountable when their suppliers botch orders. Whatever you’re dealing with can be adequately addressed. Just remember to remain calm and communicate.

One of the best methods for managing a difficult situation is to acknowledge how frustrating your concerns may be for the seller to hear, but that you want to work things through with them. Properly framing the issue can go a long way in setting a good tone towards resolution. Some people have a tendency to fly off the handle over the slightest hiccup rather than keeping a clear head. Staying polite during a tense exchange will encourage the seller to be more receptive towards your concerns, thus more willing to help.

Being demanding, accusatory, and threatening will only make matters worse. It will cause the seller to grow defensive and neither of you will get anywhere under those circumstances. Show the seller that you’re willing to meet them halfway. Put yourself in their position. You’d only want to listen to someone who was treating you with respect, right? So instead of losing your shit, ask what can be done. Be willing to compromise.

Remember it’s only money. If you can’t afford to lose any of it, you shouldn’t be buying reps in the first place. The process isn’t supposed to be scary or stressful, otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun, then what’s the point? Even if things are progressing smoothly, something can still go wrong. Neither you nor the seller have control over every aspect of a transaction. Customs can seize your package or it could get lost. Be prepared for any outcome and adapt. Know, understand, and accept the risks associated with reps, which, in case you forgot, is not exactly above board. To assume there’s any guarantees or that you should be made whole when an order goes south is the wrong mindset to have if not a bit delusional. Try to think of another illegal industry that provides absolute consumer protections. If nothing comes to mind, it’s because there’s no such thing.


You’ll frequently see RL members talking about Taobao (TB) usually in the context of finds or hauls. They’re referring to a massive e-commerce site that’s basically China’s version of Amazon. Finds are links to items that you can buy on TB and similar sites like Weidian, AE, and DHG. Hauls refer to large consolidated purchases.

TB is another animal to tackle onto itself. You can refer to our dedicated Taobao Wiki to begin learning the ropes whenever you’re ready.


A comprehensive breakdown, can be found in this guide from r/FashionReps.

Shipping Methods – US

There are 3 commonly used shipping methods from China:

ePacket – The cheapest option, therefore, the slowest (10-20 days up to a month). ePacket is for small packages under 2kg in weight (there are also dimension limitations). It was intended for e-commerce sites like AE and DHG to ship small parcels for a minimal fee. There is tracking, but don’t be surprised if it updates sporadically and your stuff takes ages to reach you.

EMS – An acronym for Express Mail Service. Most sellers will ship your packages via this method. It takes on average of 10 days or less to reach its destination and transfers over to a government postal service for delivery. There is a seizure risk (as with any carrier). Customs can take as little as a few hours to a month to release a package. Just because a package has been languishing in customs for awhile doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been taken. Unfortunately, you may not be notified when it has been seized and you will have to call the carrier directly for an update. In the event of a seizure, you could receive a letter explaining the reason(s) why it was confiscated. Discard it. There is nothing you need to do and you’re not obligated to respond. In fact, it would be best if you didn’t.

Something to note about EMS: if your tracking shows “Origin post preparing shipment,” your package is fine. Tracking can remain in that stage for several weeks. It doesn’t mean it has been seized by customs. The carrier is waiting for the shipping manifest to fill up before loading it onto a plane.

DHL – DHL is fastest (and more expensive) taking as little as 2-3 days for delivery. There’s a misconception that DHL is riskier and packages are more likely to be seized compared to EMS. Seizures are quite random and doesn’t necessarily follow any sort of pattern. It’s hard to predict what gets targeted and what doesn’t.

Shipping Methods – Canada

If you live near the US border, you should look into getting a US shipping address. They’re easy to find and there are many of them located along the US-Canadian border. Just search for “(your city) + US shipping address.” It’s usually costs between $2-5USD per package and you can leave them at the facility for as long as you want. If you don’t live near the border, or getting to the border isn’t a viable option for you, consider the following methods:

ePacket – Same as EMS except much slower. We’re talking upwards of 60 days.

EMS – EMS is the best choice because it’s safe and relatively quick. You can expect your package to arrive within the week or 20+ days (rare!). Your chances of being hit with customs duties is about 30-40% based on experience, and it’s always cheaper than what you’d be assessed by other carriers. You should ask your seller to declare the package as a gift, or declare a low value marked as “sample.”

DHL – Avoid at all costs. The risk of seizure is high. If customs opens your package and finds clothing, shoes, and accessories, they will likely ask you to submit an invoice that shows the actual dollar amount paid. The total needs to be realistic and your seller should be able to provide you with this documentation. You can also create your own receipt. There are many threads on FR with detailed instructions on how to do this including templates you can utilize. Bags stand a 99% chance of being confiscated. At that point, you’ll need to let it go because fighting the seizure isn’t worth it. If you do decide to take your chances with DHL, make sure your package is declared as a gift or a low value.


Well, you’ve made it. You finally reached the end. Congrats! You should get some sort of completion certificate for sticking with us. Although there’s always more to learn, you’re now at least equipped with a general idea of how everything works. The rest will come with time and experience. Still have more questions? Scroll through the FAQ page. Good luck with your purchases and enjoy!

3. Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only natural for new members to have loads of questions. We were all new once, so we get it.

We’ve amassed the most commonly asked questions we’ve seen everyday over the past several years. It’s advisable to check here first along with the Wiki Index. RL is was a comprehensive database of reviews, QC discussion, and references that will undoubtedly aid in your quest to find the best of anything and everything you could possibly wantforlessthanretail.Yesssss!

General Questions

I’m new to this. Where do I begin?

If You’re New, Start Here is a safe bet. It’s a general overview on the rep ordering process from inquiry to payment to shipping. Finally, bookmark the Wiki Index. All of our most important and helpful resources can be found there.

Where can I find a seller’s contact information?

In the sellers and agents list.

Why isn’t [seller’s name] on the sub’s sellers and agents list?

We are not going to add every well-reviewed seller to the list. There are thousands and thousands of sellers. Feel free to buy from whomever you want to. You don’t need to limit yourself to the sellers often discussed on RL. No seller needs to be on our list to be considered honest or worthy.

Why is [name of seller] no longer on the seller and agent list?

Sellers have been removed from the list for egregious violations such as B&S (Becky and Alex), theft (Benny), doxxing (Annie), and unscrupulous conduct (Angel, QinQin/Angel). It is rare, but it has happened. When this occurs, a PSA will be posted to the sub informing members why the removal was necessary. In all other cases such as when a seller requests to be removed (Uncle Bench), a personal disagreement between the seller and mod team (Anita, Tong), lack of new reviews or QC for a prolonged period of time (Julie), or an excessively high volume of customer complaints (NBF), there may not be a PSA.

I’ve read so many negative comments and complaints about [seller’s name]. Why is he/she/they still on the list?

Because we don’t remove sellers from the list due to negative feedback. Otherwise, there’d be no list.

A seller I’ve never had contact with messaged me on WhatsApp. How did they get my information?

It’s widely known that the shipping agents will sell your information to other parties. It’s happened to everyone, is a frequent occurrence and is nothing to worry about. Ignore, block, and move on.


I don’t have access to WeChat. Does the seller have WhatsApp or email?

If they do, it will be listed in the sellers and agents list. Not all sellers have an alternate means of contact aside from WeChat, however. WhatsApp and Instagram are blocked in China and requires a VPN to access that not all sellers have. Although email addresses are listed for some, they don’t check it as often as they do WeChat, so expect delayed replies.

I’ve added the seller to WeChat. How long does it take to get accepted?

Sellers get hundreds of messages each day. They may not accept you straight away. Give them a few days. If you still aren’t able to see their Moments, you can send another request, but don’t go overboard. WeChat has built-in spam/security features. If it detects that your account is sending too many friend requests within a short span, it will identify you as a bot account and suspend your ability to add contacts for up to a week without any notification. The only way to get your account back to normal is to not add any new friends for at least a few days.

I’m looking for something specific. Is there a way to search through WeChat Moments?

Yes, there is. Here are instructions on how to do that. Guess where this link was? That’s right! The Wiki Index!

Why can’t I see the seller’s Moments?

It either means you’ve been deleted or you’ve been blocked. Likely the former if you haven’t spoken to or purchased from them recently. Sellers periodically clean up their contact lists since they’re only allowed 5000 contacts per WeChat account, or they’ll do a purge for security reasons.


Where can I view what the seller has for sale?

Many sellers have Yupoo and/or Szwego albums. You will have to ask them for the link. The majority upload pictures to their WeChat Moments. Their inventory is more expansive than what you’re able to see, so if there’s something you’re looking for that you can’t find in their albums or feed, send the seller a picture and inquire about availability. If it’s being repped and the seller has access to the factory, they’ll be able to get it for you. You may have to approach several sellers before you get a “yes.”

I would like to place an order. What should I say to the seller?

No need to overcomplicate things. Don’t feel pressured to make small talk. Some sellers are very straight to the point. Say hello, send a picture of the item you’d like to buy, then ask if it’s in stock and for how much.

Why is the seller being so rude to me?

First thing to ask yourself and, hopefully, you can answer honestly: are you being rude to them? If not, then might you give them the benefit of the doubt? It’s hard to convey emotion and tone over text messages. Aside from cultural differences, each seller has their own manner of communicating. Some use a lot of emojis while others rarely do. Not every seller is going to be right for everyone regardless of how many positive reviews they’ve received. Try not to be so sensitive and take things personally. For all you know, the seller is having an awful day. They are human after all. Finally, don’t read too much into the emojis and stickers a seller sends you. The Chinese have their own way of using them that doesn’t directly correspond to Western usage. They are not mocking nor making fun of you. Again, the key here is to remember that there are cultural differences in addition to a language barrier. This guide will help with decoding what your seller’s emoji is trying to convey. If you’re unable to access that link because of paywall, try this one. Patience, understanding, and empathy goes a long way when interacting with a seller, and is sure to get you closer to a satisfactory outcome than anger and defensiveness.

Has anyone ever heard of/purchased from [insert new seller name/IG account/Yupoo album link here]?

If you want feedback on a seller who isn’t on the sellers and agents list, first, do a board search to see if there have been any reviews posted. If not, ask in either the Daily Discussion thread. Do not create a thread. It will be removed.

Who makes/sells the best [insert bag/shoe brand and style name here]?

This question is impossible to answer because it’s entirely subjective. The details that are important to one person may not matter at all to somebody else. Factories have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to major details (i.e. leather, proportions, and all exterior details) and minor (i.e. the shape of a clip, the typeface on a serial number tag, etc.). It’s why you should read all the reviews you can find of the product you’re interested in, so you can make an informed decision. Yes, it requires effort, but if you want the very best or the very best value, it necessitates research. We also recommend that you read u/ssossed’s excellent guide on sellers and factories, which can also be found in the Wiki Index.

How can I tell which factories are which?

By the factory’s stock pictures. This takes times to learn. Pay attention to the background. After awhile, you will become familiar with images linked to certain factories. It’s also what we happen to base the nicknames we have for them on (e.g. Marble Factory, Grey Couch Factory, Golden Tile Factory, Birdcage Factory, etc.). Some factories use multiple backdrops (e.g. God Factory, Original Factory, Nickloe, Jxg, GD, etc.). Look through recent reviews and QC threads. Nearly all of them include factory names and/or stock photos since it is a posting requirement. That should help with basic identification. Sellers aren’t always aware of the nicknames we use. You need to send them a photo if you require that a bag be sourced from a particular place. Not all sellers have access to the same factories either. You must verify with them first.

How do I know if my bag is coming from the right factory?

Depending on your familiarity with the factory’s products, there are ways to tell by looking at certain details. In most cases though, it is impossible to. That’s why we have a sellers and agents list. They’ve proven to be honest and will not bait and switch, or B&S (i.e. substituting a cheaper, inferior product while charging for higher quality), their customers.

If two sellers are using the same factory photo, does that mean the item is coming from the same place?

It’s a gamble. It may be coming from the same place, or it could be a case of B&S. There aren’t any guarantees, so be careful, be aware of the risks, and choose your seller wisely.

Which factory makes the best Chanel? 187, GF, or OF?

Again, this is highly subjective. There is no definitive answer only a general consensus. It depends on the style you’re looking to buy and how much you’re willing to spend although the prices are fairly comparable to one another with 187’s “Extreme” or “King” quality tier being the most expensive of the three. Fortunately, there’s no dearth of reviews on these factories. Search for them and read them. Look at the pictures. Take note of the pros and cons outlined by each reviewer. Only you can answer this question for yourself. It may require a bit of trial and error on your part to figure out which one you like best, but, honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Are reps really made using the same materials as the authentic?

The latest trend involves factories declaring they use the same leather and hardware as the authentic bags. The two most referenced tanneries are Haas (Hermès) and Bodin-Joyeux (Chanel). We urge you to take these statements with a grain of salt. Whether the leather is imported or not depends on how honest you think the counterfeit industry can be. Factories and sellers alike have shared pictures of the hides with the Haas or Bodin-Joyeux labeling/iron-branding and some go so far as to show actual receipts, but how can we be sure it’s (a) their pictures or (b) that that’s the leather being used in production? There’s no way to know definitively. Many high quality and even mid-tier reps are made using thick, supple leather. Does it really matter where it came from? We all want the best, but we’re dealing with a black market. Their main objective is to make as much money as possible while moving inventory as quickly as possible. Suppliers and sellers are going to tell you what they think you want to hear… just like legitimate corporations do. Believe it or don’t believe it, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor in where you buy your reps from. It’s always best to QC the entire bag and not fall for what’s essentially a sales ploy.

A seller told me that [insert factory nickname here] doesn’t exist and that RL’s info on factories is inaccurate. What’s the truth?

No use mincing words over this one: the seller is lying or, at best, oversimplifying how things actually work to avoid having to impart a lengthy explanation in response to your question. Don’t forget, almost all sellers are motivated to convince you that whatever they’re offering is the best, thereby directly implying that their suppliers are the best. If you go into a transaction asking about GF and 187 because you’ve heard they make the best Chanel and the seller either has no clue what you’re talking about or they don’t work with them, then they’re going to say what’s necessary to steer you away from those options. It is ultimately the buyer’s responsibility to be informed so you can protect yourself from being manipulated by someone who wants your money.

Everyone who has read the information readily available in our Wiki Index already knows that GF, 187, OF, Marble, Grey Couch, Birdcage, and so on are nicknames not the factories’ actual names. Sellers who aren’t familiar with RL will have no idea what you’re referring to unless you show them a stock picture, and you still have to be cautious of B&S. It happens frequently.

If these factories were a figment of our imagination, why would there be so many quality levels, noticeable discrepancies between reps from different sources, and varied stock photos used repeatedly by numerous sellers? Why are the reps shown in reviews and QC threads submitted by multiple members who are buying from factories oft discussed share telltale similarities to one another (e.g. shape, logotype, stamps, serial numbers, packaging, price points, etc.)? Why would a seller say they don’t have access to Nickloe and Golden Tile if these places don’t exist to begin with?

Any seller who makes this claim and insists that the notion of specified factories is nothing more than a marketing gimmick isn’t being honest with you, and that alone should make you question whether that’s someone you want to be giving your business to. If they’ll lie about this, they’ll lie to you about anything. What they’re really telling you is that they don’t like informed buyers because they can’t push whatever they want on you and overcharge for it if you possess a fundamental understanding of how the process works. Do we know everything about the rep industry and the way it operates? Of course not, but if 40+ sellers are telling us that there are numerous factories, most of which we don’t know about and that they haven’t dealt with themselves, then we’re more inclined to believe them over someone no one on the sub has ever heard of, never purchased from, or, worse, who was removed from the sellers and agents.

I paid a seller on [insert date here], but now I’m being told the item is out of stock. Was the seller just telling me it was available to get my money?

We understand how stressful this process can be especially for new buyers, but there’s really no need to assume the worst. Not every setback should be attributed to some villainous motive on the part of the seller. Products selling out is extremely common. This won’t be the first nor the last time it will ever happen to you. You have to keep in mind that we are but a small fraction of total rep buyers. We are eclipsed by China’s massive domestic market. Between the seller asking the factory for availability and waiting for payment before an order can be placed, high demand styles in popular colors from well known suppliers can become unavailable very quickly. Many of the factories that we favor on RL like Marble, 187, GF, and so on are also the preferred sources for mainland customers. They have the means to pay their sellers quickly via Alipay and WeChat, which gives them another advantage. Always be prepared for things to go OOS. Better yet, learn to expect it to mitigate your disappointment.

I paid a seller on [insert date here]. How long before I receive PSP?

Give the seller at least 4-7 business days before badgering them for PSP. The seller is handling other transactions aside from yours. They have to place the order with the factory then wait for the factory to send the goods or notify them when it’s ready to be picked up. This can take two days or two weeks depending on how busy the factory is. The seller isn’t purposely withholding PSP from you. You shouldn’t be expecting PSP a couple days after you’ve paid anyway. That’s unrealistic. This isn’t Amazon. We understand that you’re anxious and excited to receive your rep, but you need to relax. You’ll get your PSP when you get them.

How do I buy from Taobao? It’s all in Chinese.

In case you haven’t already noticed, there is a guide for everything. Visit the Taobao Wiki to learn how to use TB and TB agents. Yes, we realize the text is Chinese since Taobao is a Chinese site. Download Google Chrome. It has a helpful translate webpage feature that will come in handy.

I don’t know which shoe/clothing size to pick.

Use the size chart provided by the seller or in the TB listing. How narrow or wide your foot also plays a factor. Sometimes the sizing charts are off. That’s the risk with buying rep shoes and clothing. Chinese sizing is not accommodating to Westerners. Be prepared for your self-esteem to take a hit. Also, sorry to disappoint, but many rep shoes only go up to a size 39. 40 or 41 if you’re lucky, and that’s usually only for the bestsellers like Chanel Espadrilles or Gucci loafers. Custom orders are available depending on the factory and style, but isn’t always an option. Do a board search. Many members have posted TB links to stores that stocks larger sized shoes and clothing. Look for “Pang Meimei,” which translates to “Fat Sister.” For some reason, it’s China’s phrase for plus size. No, we don’t think it’s very nice either.

How do Group Buys work?

Refer to our Group Buy FAQ.


Which sellers accept PayPal?

Many do, but it can often change, so instead of providing you with a list, it’s best to ask each seller. You can do it. We believe in you. PP is an unsafe payment method for them, which is why they don’t all use it. Every single seller who uses PP has had their accounts frozen, suspended, or completely shut down because a scumbag buyer filed a fraudulent dispute after receiving their order. The seller will typically ask you to send money through the Friends & Family option not Goods & Services. A few will only let returning customers pay with PP. Don’t assume that you have the right to use PP just because they have an account. It’s up to the seller which payment methods they want to accept and for which individual. Also, if a seller is charging you fees for PP, it’s because PP charges them extra for international transfer withdrawals.

How do I transfer money using Western Union?

People think using WU is difficult, but it really isn’t. They have step-by-step instructions on how to send money online, in person, or by phone. There’s also a user submitted guide on initiating a transfer through the WU app then completing it in person, which only incurs a $5 fee. If a seller allows bank transfer, you can do it through WU without having to pay any fees, but you are getting a lower currency exchange rate than you would a traditional bank transfer, which usually costs $40-60 for international wires.

My Western Union transfer keeps getting rejected. What am I doing wrong?

As a financial services company, WU is legally required to follow federal and international anti-money laundering regulations. If it is your first time or one of the first times you are using WU, they may put your transfer on hold to ask you a few questions about who you’re sending the money to and for what purpose. Sometimes the rejection has nothing to do with you. It may be because the seller has reached their WU receiving limit for the day, month, or even year. When a seller tells you that they’re unable to pick up the money even though the MTCN tracking status shows as “Received,” it means that although the bank or agent has the funds, they are refusing to release it to the recipient like due to account limits. If that’s the case, you will have to call WU about getting your transfer returned. Don’t worry. WU can’t lose your money. It doesn’t disappear into the ether. It’s all electronically logged. If there’s a problem, call WU’s customer service number to sort things out.

WU is asking questions about my transfer. What should I say?

You can be truthful and vague, or truthful and specific, or completely vague. It’s hard to say which answer is likely to get your transfer approved. It’s different for everyone depending on the agent you’re speaking to. Establish that you trust and know the recipient. They’re not asking these questions to catch you buying reps. They don’t care. They’re only asking to make sure you’re not sending funds to a terrorist group, and/or to ensure you’re not getting scammed by a Nigerian prince.

Returns and Exchanges

Which sellers accept returns?

You can assume none of them do. It isn’t a standard expectation. Some might depending on the circumstance, but unless the seller sends you the wrong item, you will have to pay for return shipping. Returns are at your own risk. The seller is not obligated to refund you if you choose to send a bag back and it gets confiscated by Chinese customs. If you’re dissatisfied with what you received, it’s simpler to take the loss, sell the bag or give it away, and buy another one if you’re still up for it. The fact of the matter is you don’t always save money with reps. Everyone has sunk dollars on a dud at some point, but there’s still a vast difference between $200 lit on fire vs. $2000. One of the golden rules of buying reps is don’t spend money you’re not prepared to lose.

I don’t like my PSP. The item doesn’t look like the authentic. Can I ask for an exchange or a refund?

You shouldn’t be comparing your PSP to the authentic anyway. Here’s the correct way to QC:

  1. Compare factory stock photos to the auth.
  2. Choose the one you think is closest, then buy it.
  3. When you receive PSP, compare them to the factory photos while keeping in mind that details can differ by batch. You should only escalate issues to a seller if the difference is substantial. We shouldn’t have to tell you what that means. Use common sense.

As for an exchange or refund, the answer is different not only for every seller, but for every individual order. Certain factories are stricter than others when it comes to exchanges. Many don’t take returns for any reason other than quality defects. Expecting a seller to exchange a bag for you multiple times or even once is wrong, and just because they were able to do it for you that one time, doesn’t mean they’ll always be able to. It’s not that the seller doesn’t want you to be pleased with your order. You have to understand that when they can’t return something, they are forced to eat the cost of whatever it is you’ve deemed unacceptable. If they return/exchange too often, a factory can refuse their business going forward, and sellers can’t risk their relationship with their suppliers if they want to continue doing their jobs. Don’t forget that this is a black market industry. It may not be illegal for you to buy reps, but it most certainly is illegal for them to be sold to you and to be manufactured. Consequently, sellers and factories are not going to be endlessly accommodating to the consumer. There’s no “the customer is always right” in the contraband world. Imagine trying to get a refund from your drug dealer for subpar cocaine. What do you think they’ll say to you? Exactly.

What is the purpose of PSP if I can’t return/exchange an item I am dissatisfied with?

There’s a misconception that getting PSP automatically means there’s the option to approve or reject an item you’ve purchased. That is not always the case and we’ve done our best to make everyone aware of it through periodic PSAs and guides that we habitually refer to. PSP used to be provided by the seller to confirm that the order is correct, then it somehow evolved to how they’re being used now. When people ask, “What’s point of PSP if I can’t ask for another rep?” That’s why. It was never intended to be part of some pre-shipment buyer approval process. The fact that it’s become one is a luxury not a right.

The ability to exchange/return is mainly the factory’s call and sometimes the seller’s. Occasionally, sellers will acquiesce to your request, but you should always be prepared for them to refuse. Accuracy is not something the factory and sellers care about, and keeping in mind that the counterfeit industry is illegal, it shouldn’t be. Factories and their owners exist to make money, to avoid getting shut down, and worse, incarceration. Exchanges and returns eats into their margins as well as their time.

Usually when the seller refunds/exchanges a rep for you, they are absorbing the cost by returning your money or paying for another rep out-of-pocket because they assume they’ll be able to sell it to somebody else. Since it is each seller’s choice (yes, they have a choice), no one should feel entitled to this treatment. No one should be demanding or coercing a seller to refund/exchange by threatening a bad review or claiming that you’ll report them the police (good luck filing a report on your contraband transaction) or the mods. This will only net you two outcomes:

  1. Law enforcement will rightfully ignore you because they are more preoccupied responding to cases of assault and…murder
  2. A ban from RL

The seller is refusing my exchange/refund request. What do I do?

We can tell you what not to do. Definitely do not threaten the seller with a bad review. Talk to the seller, remain calm, acknowledge that an exchange may be difficult for them, be understanding, and ask if there are any other options for you at all. People are more willing to help when you treat them respectfully. If they still refuse, suck it up. Like we’ve said time and time again, buying reps is a risk, and you’re not always going to get exactly what you want. Accept the bag, sell it, gift it, try again. Rinse, repeat.

The seller has agreed to refund me for an out of stock or defective item, but it’s been days/weeks and I haven’t gotten my refund yet despite multiple follow-ups. Why is this happening?

The quick and easy answer is that they haven’t had time to do it. Be patient. If you paid using PayPal, understand that PP differs by country and region. Global funds transfer is complicated, intricate, and subject to various regulations. There are certain features Chinese PP account holders do not have access to. While sellers are able to receive payment via Friends and Family, they cannot send payment overseas using this option. It is not available to them. They also cannot deposit nor reload balances into PayPal. They might not have enough in the account to cover your refund, so they have to wait until they receive more money from other transactions. If you’re wondering why they can’t just be upfront with you regarding the reason, chalk it up to societal norms related to personal topics like money. How comfortable would you be telling someone you don’t have enough money in your account to pay the money owed to them? It’s embarrassing and requires a lengthy explanation that a buyer might misinterpret due to the language barrier. Allow the seller some time. Check on the status every few days. You will get the refund eventually.

The seller has agreed to accept my exchange/return, but I need to send the package back. Shouldn’t they pay for shipping?

No, as stated earlier, unless the seller shipped you an incorrect item, it is standard for the buyer pay return postage. It may sound unfair to you, but that’s the way it works.

What’s the best shipping method to use when sending a package back to China?

Whatever has tracking. If you’re in the US, the most cost effective method will be First Class International, but USPS also offers more expedient options like Priority International and Priority International Flat Rate. Regardless of which method or carrier you choose, make sure you can track the package, or else there’s no way to know if a seller has received it, and that would make your return very problematic.

I’m unhappy with the bag I received. Would it be okay if I filed a chargeback?

Absolutely not. Chargebacks fuck things up for everyone. This is the reason why less and less sellers are taking PayPal. We may not be able to prevent you from doing this, but when we find out, and there is no doubt we will find out, you will be permanently banned from RL. You’ll also find it very difficult to impossible to buy from many sellers in the future.

Shipping, Tracking, Customs, and Seizures

The seller gave me EMS/DHL tracking info, but it’s not a valid tracking number. Have I been scammed?

First, please stop assuming you’ve been scammed especially if the seller has been widely reviewed on RL. Secondly, tracking may take a few days to update. The label has been created by the shipping agent (that’s right, the seller isn’t the one who mails out your packages or even packs it; that’s what their shipping agent does for them), but that doesn’t mean the carrier is in possession of your parcel yet. Give it a day or two. For DHL, sometimes the waybill number changes. You will either have to get the updated number from the seller, search by the shipper’s reference number on the DHL site, or call DHL directly. Provide the customer service rep your name, address, and telephone number. They will be able to tell you what your new tracking number is.

My EMS tracking status hasn’t updated for days/weeks. It says “Origin post preparing shipment.” Has it been seized?

No, it means that it’s en route. EMS packages usually remain in this stage the longest. It’s either on a plane, or sitting on a pallet languishing on a tarmac in China waiting for the manifest to fill up to capacity before being transferred onto an aircraft. People have had their tracking stuck in OPPS for over a month before it shows up in the destination country. The only thing to do now is to sign up for text alerts and continue waiting.

What can I do to avert a seizure?

Nothing. What customs chooses to confiscate is a crapshoot. It’s pure bad luck. Small packages are bound to get seized just as much as the larger ones are. Shipping without full packaging doesn’t guarantee safe passage either. All you can do is hope for the best.

My TB haul is huge. Should I split my order to prevent it from getting seized?

Common wisdom says to keep packages under 3-4kg, but many buyers on r/FashionReps and r/Designerreps, where they tend to do larger hauls, have successfully received far bigger and heavier deliveries.

What should I declare as the value on the customs form?

The seller and their shipping agent will handle that for you. If customs is asking for proof of the declared value, contact your seller or TB agent for assistance.

How do you know if your package has been seized? Do you get notified?

For DHL, yes. For EMS, the tracking will occasionally indicate that it’s been seized, but not always. If your tracking has remained in the customs inbound stage for a week or more, you can call for a status update.

My DHL tracking status says “Please contact DHL.” What does that mean?

Unfortunately, chances are it has been seized. Call them for confirmation and next steps.

My package has been seized. Does this mean my address has been flagged?

Sometimes, yes, and other times, no. It’s difficult to say, but you should use a different carrier, address, telephone number, and possibly even name for your next shipment just to be safe.

What if my package gets seized? Shouldn’t the seller replace it?

The standard policy is if your order is seized in China, the seller will replace it for free. If it is seized in the destination country, the seller assumes no liability. They cannot control what customs chooses to take or let through, so it would be unfair to expect them to bear the financial burden of replacing all seized packages. The seizure policy varies from seller to seller, so you should always ask about it prior to paying. Some sellers will replace seized packages in all scenarios, some will reship if the buyer pays half of the original total, and others offer seizure insurance for an additional charge. You should know what to expect in the likelihood this happens to you, so you are not blindsided by the outcome.

My order is lost/stolen/damaged. Is the seller responsible for replacing it or refunding me?

No, similar to the seizure policy, the seller is not responsible for the (messy) operations of your local post office or your (derelict) mailman. If for some reason, you did not receive your order despite the tracking status indicating that it was delivered, first, contact the post office and file a missing package report online or over the phone. After you’ve already done that, reach out to the seller to see what they’d be willing to do for you, but know that they’re not obligated to replace it, so you can’t get angry at them if they tell you there isn’t anything that can be done. As for a bag that was damaged not due to any shipping mishap, communicate with your seller kindly and patiently. Ask if you could send it back for the factory to repair, or even easier, ask if the seller is able to send you replacement parts. If the seller does agree to repairs, you may still have to foot the bill for shipping as unfair as that sounds. It’s the way the industry works. You can’t expect white glove service when someone is literally risking their freedom to sell you something. You have to take it or leave it.

I received a letter from [insert brand name here]’s lawyers. What should I do? Do I need to answer it?

No, ignore and discard. In the US, federal law does not prohibit the purchase of counterfeit goods for personal use. Having their legal counsel send you that form letter is the most they can and would be willing to do. You are not legally obligated to respond nor obey the contents of the notice.


I’m traveling to Europe. Since reps are illegal in certain countries, is it safe to bring my reps?

Yes, it is 100% safe. Those laws are meant to deter the buying and selling of reps within the country. Airport security is not trained to authenticate your Chanel. Their primary focus is on thwarting terrorist attacks and drug trafficking. Customs cares more about forbidden agricultural goods than they do your fake bag. Pay no mind to the absurd stories about sales associates cutting bags off of people’s shoulders, or demanding the retail price as restitution for discovering a fake in store. Those tales are false, the actions aren’t legal, and they’re nothing more than urban legends spread by people who care too much about how others choose to spend their money. Luxury brand sales associates are specifically instructed not to publicly identify fakes, authenticate upon request, and are generally not allowed to “call out” customers. It is an article of clothing not narcotics, a weapon, or liquids exceeding 3.4 fl oz (100ml). No one will take it away from you. That would be theft, so it isn’t anything you need to be worried about. Bring whichever rep you want and have an enjoyable, safe trip. Watch out for pickpockets.

Is my rep calloutable?

No. Unless it’s one of those horrible fakes that looks like it’s melting, nobody will suspect a thing. Many times, the paranoia is all in the wearer’s mind, so be confident and no one will question you. Frankly, most people don’t even care enough to take notice. It is against corporate policies for sales associates to comment on the authenticity of what their customers are wearing, so don’t be afraid to walk into a store with your rep. If you have the misfortune of encountering an arrogant dickbag who derives joy from putting others down, tell them to go eat shit. Their opinion means fuck all anyway.

Who is Dave?

Dave is a fictional construct representative of all customs agents. He’s responsible for seizures. Nobody likes him.

What is a tapir?

It is the delightful nickname bestowed on the Hermès Rodeo bag charm because they don’t really resemble horses. They look more like…goofy tapirs. The tapir is the official mascot of RL. He originally belonged to u/jennipoo9, but, tragically, he did not make it past CBP and perished on September 27, 2018. Don’t be sad.

What does “wagoons” mean?

Nobody knows, but it refers to “wagoon full of books.” We have no idea what that means either, but it’s by far one of the most memorable moments on RL. It has evolved into an inside joke and is now mostly used as slang for wealth. It has also been suggested that wagoons be the secret code word used to identify fellow RLers in the real world, so if someone whispers “wagoons” to you as they pass, you’ve been identified as a member of our not-so-secret society. Don’t get it twisted, it’s not a call-out. It’s a compliment for knowing what’s up, so bask in the luxury of not having to spend $4K on a bag when you don’t have to.

4. Common Terms Glossary
AE AliExpress
Auth Authentic
B&S Bait and Switch
BHW Black Hardware
BST Buy, Sell, Trade
BT Basetao (TB agent)
CCW Constructive Criticism Welcome
CF Chanel Classic Flap
CS Customer Service
CZ Cubic Zirconia
DR r/Designerreps
FFF Friday Foto Flex
FR r/FashionReps
FS For Sale
FT For Trade
GB Group Buy
GF God Factory (nickname for a factory known for making Chanel, LV, and Dior bags)
GHW Gold Hardware
GL Green Light (approve the product for shipment after viewing PSP)
GP Guinea Pig (test out)
Haul A consolidation of multiple orders
HW Hardware
ISO In Search Of
IYKYK If you know, you know
LC Legit Check (i.e. is this authentic or fake?)
Lindashians Infamous family of rep sellers
LV Louis Vuitton
Marble Nickname for a factory known for their Céline bags
MIF Made in France
MII Made in Italy
MG MoneyGram
Mod Moderator
NF Louis Vuitton Neverfull
OC Old Cobbler (Known Seller) -or- Orange Couch Factory
OF Original Factory
OOTD Outfit of the Day
OP Original Poster (the individual who started the topic)
PM Private Message
PP PayPal
PP G&S PayPal Goods and Services
PP F&F PayPal Friends and Family
PSM Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini
PSP Pre-Shipment Photos/Pictures (also used interchangeably with “QC pics”)
QC Quality Check/Control
Rep Replica
RG Rose Gold
RHW Ruthenium Hardware
RL r/RepLadies -or- Red Light (reject a bag after viewing PSP)
SA Sales Associate
SB Superbuy (TB agent)
SHW Silver Hardware
SLG Small Leather Goods (i.e. cosmetic bags, wallets, coin pouches, key fobs, etc.)
TB Taobao
TL;DR Too Long; Didn’t Read
TTS True-to-Size
UB Uncle Bench (Known Seller)
W2C Where/What to Cop (i.e. buy)
Wagoons Wagoons Full of Books
WG White Gold
WIYB What’s in Your Bag?
WOC Wallet on Chain
WU Western Union
YG Yellow Gold
1:1 A ratio of accuracy compared to the authentic. For example, .5:1 is shorthand for being half as good as the authentic. You will also see .9:1, which means 90% close to authentic, or very close to authentic.
1:1 succ If you really must know, it’s this.
187 Nickname for a Chanel factory
5. Buyer Etiquette and Expectations

Being a good buyer is no different than being a good person, but when you combine the anonymity of online interactions with cultural and language barriers, the results can be downright ugly. We’re aware that a large segment of RL members are polite, compassionate, and know to treat others with dignity. However, there are a dreadful number of people who shouldn’t be buying reps, don’t deserve them, and based on the way we’ve seen them behave, must lead bereft, miserable lives.

In an effort to help the sellers, curtail unreasonable expectations, and combat senseless levels of entitlement, we’ve outlined ways to help you develop a good relationship with your seller, define the mods’ duties as it relates to order issues, and provide perspective that may be reassuring to new or anxious buyers. Please read everything carefully. After you’re done, if you feel we’re not making any sense and/or you’re displeased by our stance, then you would be better served purchasing retail. We’re not being dismissive. We are being honest. Reps, the process of buying reps, and the compromises it necessitates will not make you happy. Better to know now than later after you’ve already wasted your money.

Personal Accountability

Not every transaction is going to be sunshine and rainbows. Things will go wrong. When they do, this is what you can expect from the mods and how best to approach the situation:

  1. Make a good faith effort to work things out with the seller before making your issue public on RL. If not, you risk making an absolute fool out of yourself. It’s happened many times. Most of the problems we’ve seen could have easily been resolved by simply communicating. Here are some helpful conflict resolution tips from the Newbie Guide.

  2. Keep your composure during a conflict. Sellers are more willing to help when you’re being calm, patient, and understanding. If you choose to act like an asshole throwing a bitch fit, well, then you may be faced with some resistance. Good luck getting your way.

Seller Treatment

Let’s all get on the same page: you are buying bootleg contraband from sellers overseas. You are not shopping at Bergdorf or Harrods. If that’s the level of service you demand, then you need to pay for it. You can’t have it both ways, as in the full boutique experience at rep prices. That isn’t to say that sellers can’t be incredibly accommodating, but you shouldn’t assume they will be in every situation.

  1. Treat your seller with respect. They are real people with feelings. Would you speak to a department store SA in such a reprehensible manner? We hope not. If you’re using all caps and saying things like, “DON’T PLAY WITH ME. RETURN MY FUCKING MONEY OR I’LL CALL THE POLICE” and/or using racial slurs, you will be banned by us and many of the popular RL sellers. End of story. We have zero tolerance for that bullshit.

  2. Just because you haven’t heard from a seller in several days, it doesn’t mean they’ve stolen your money. You’re not the only customer they have. Yours is not the only order they’re working on. It’s not likely that a seller would jeopardize their livelihood for a few hundred dollars, so refrain from creating threads hysterically claiming that you’ve been scammed because you paid yesterday and haven’t received PSP yet.

  3. Do not use RepLadies to threaten sellers. We cannot stress this enough. It happens too frequently and it is absolutely abhorrent.

  4. Your problem with a seller does not warrant their removal from the list. We know you are upset, but try to be mature. It is boldly presumptuous and grossly self-involved to think that your issue alone is of such utmost importance and magnitude – others’ positive reviews be damned! – that it means a seller should immediately be deemed persona non grata over it. All of our most highly rated, well regarded sellers have and will fuck up because it’s impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. You don’t like a seller? Then don’t buy from them in the future. We don’t make changes to the list based on individual dissatisfaction.

QC Insanity

We need to be realistic about the things we are purchasing. Of course, it’s everyone’s wish to get the most accurate items, but there comes a point when it gets out of hand. We’ve unintentionally fed into a collective frenzy of extreme nitpicking and it has to end. Our reset starts with this legendary quote: “Fucking behave yourselves.”

  1. Rep vs. auth differences are not as bad as you think they are. Much of what we’re discussing, buying, and reviewing are high-end reps. They’re the best being produced and virtually indistinguishable from the auth to most everyone on the planet. They are not the horrendous Chinatown fakes people are accustomed to and think of when reps come to mind. There are specific things we characterize as “glaring flaws” like orange-toned LV mono canvas, Chanel Boy strap ends, and Goyard touching Ys, just to name a few. While those aspects can be viewed as inaccuracies, they also aren’t based on how insanely inconsistent the auths we’re comparing them to are. On TPF, you will find countless examples of different colored canvases, Boy straps that vary in shape, and Ys that are miles apart from each other. It isn’t necessary nor is it correct to be so unyielding when you’re QCing.

  2. Reps aren’t for everyone. If you’re drawing a goddamn diagram on your PSP and marking up 1mm discrepancies, you shouldn’t be buying reps period. Sending that to your seller isn’t going to motivate them to find you something better. Quite the opposite. Sellers won’t hesitate to refund a buyer so they can be done with them. Forget about “the customer is always right.” They’re not and it doesn’t apply in a black market. Difficult customers are the ones who tend to harass and threaten sellers when their impossible demands aren’t met. Time is money, and the sellers understandably do not want to waste their time with overly picky buyers who make their jobs far more difficult than it needs to be.

  3. Have some perspective. No one except other reps buyers would recognize a “tell-tale” sign of a fake. Jane Smith rolling up to 31 Rue Cambon to acquire her Classic Flap has never and will never pick the bag apart in such an exhaustive, painstaking way. She is absolutely ignorant about the length of the turnlock tab, the shape of the back pocket, the texture of the caviar, and the precise Pantone shade of the burgundy interior, which means that when she sees your 187 clone, she’s not going to notice shit.

  4. No one cares nearly as much as you do. This brings us to our final point: you are staring at a macro photograph of an object with the sole intent of finding something wrong with it. A stranger taking a seconds long glance at you will not be able to QC your bag, nor will they think to. When leading publications like Harper’s Bazaar and New York Magazine can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s a very obvious fake, that should be a sign for you to stop freaking out over every minor detail because it’s a “dead giveaway.” It’s not. And if you have friends who would “call you out,” then what you really need to do is find new friends. It’s fine to want the best, obsessively research to uncover the rep that meets your criteria, and request an exchange when a rep differs significantly from the factory photos. All we’re asking is for you to be realistic. Perfection is not realistic.

6. Sellers and Agents List

RL does not, cannot, and will not guarantee that your seller and agent experience will be seamless or problem-free because we can’t.

It’s erroneous to assume that the very existence of this list somehow eliminates all aspects of risk and unpredictability associated with an illegal industry.

You, the buyer, are responsible for yourself, for your money, for your transaction, and for your seller interaction. Simply put, we will not intervene or help if your rep ordering experience goes awry.

Last update June 2022.

Sellers List



  • Note – Works with Martha and specializes in shoes.


Alice and Madcat






  • Note – Specializes in Ray-Bans and other sunglasses.


Audrey (Pandora Boutique)

  • Note – If you are having trouble accessing the site, please contact Audrey for an alternate url.




  • Note – Stock photos shared on IG only.








  • Note – Specializes in shoes particularly Chanel Espadrilles.


  • Note – Contact directly for website url. Option for seizure insurance available.

James (HermesSale)


  • Note – Specializes in high-end (i.e. genuine 18k gold and GIA-certified diamonds) rep jewelry. Prefers to communicates in Chinese. Translator recommended.





Miss Chen

  • Note – Specializes in high-end (i.e. genuine 18k gold and GIA-certified diamonds) rep jewelry.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Miss Chen will only give her payment information through WeChat or WhatsApp – if you have received payment information through another source (email or Instagram), do not send payment.


Mr. Birkin

  • Note – Specializes in Hermès bags from SYmode Factory.

Mr. Gary

Nancy and Henry


  • Note – Add only one of the accounts listed above not all of them.

Old Cobbler




  • Redden’s WeChat accounts are set to private and she is not accepting new customers at this time.


  • Note – Specializes in rep jewelry. PM for email address if needed.


  • Note – Specializes in Mansur Gavriel reps.


  • Note – PSP incurs an additional 15% fee.


  • Note – May not provide PSP.


  • Note – Specializes in prescription eyewear and sunglasses.


  • Note – Takes limited PSP and/or video, but will provide additional pictures upon request.


  • Note – Specializes in rep jewelry.


Wenzhi and Yomi Chen

  • Note – Specializes in high-end (i.e. genuine 18k gold and GIA-certified diamonds) rep jewelry.

Zippy (ZP)

  • Note – Specializes in shoes.

Agents List


  • Website –
  • Secondary website –
  • WhatsApp – +86 316 2113 7599
  • Email –
  • Reddit username – u/Basetao


  • Website –
  • Email –
  • Email –
  • Reddit username – u/cssbuy
  • Subreddit – r/cssbuy


  • Website –
  • WeChat – SuperbuyClub
  • Email – care@superbuy
  • Telephone – +86 755 3308 5566
  • Reddit username – u/TommyZhangSuperbuy
  • Subreddit – r/Superbuy


  • Website –
  • WeChat – ytaopal
  • Email –
  • Telephone – +86 579 8533 8337
  • Reddit username – u/ytaopal
7. Group Buy FAQ

What is a group buy? How does it work?

A group buy (GB) is a discount promotion that’s open to all RL members. The sales are usually limited to the specified brands and styles or are factory-centric (e.g. all products from 187, Marble, etc.). Sometimes the factory will impose an order minimum that must be met before the discount is valid, but more often than not, there won’t be any minimums.

How do I find group buys?

Back when r/RepLadies was an active subreddit, the moderators would organise these group buys. Now they are organised by other RepLadies or moderators of the various splinter groups on WhatsApp, Discord or Wechat. You’ll have to ask around and do your research to find them.

I’m picky! Is a GB right for me?

That depends on how reasonable you are with your QCing. The seller will be fielding a large number of inquiries, so they may not be as attentive to your concerns and questions as they might usually be. The factories that are chosen for GB tend to have strict return and exchange policies meaning they won’t allow them unless there’s an obvious defect and accuracy issues are never considered as such. If that’s out of the question for you, then we ask that you refrain from taking part in the promotion, and honestly, it’s probably best that you avoid reps altogether because things won’t be any different for non-GB purchases.

Do we all have to order the exact same item, or do we have a choice?

It depends on what the seller has agreed to or what the factory has mandated. You will be able to order the brands, styles, sizes, and colors that are listed in the GB thread and shown in the seller’s linked albums or website.

Can I place a custom order?

This is all contingent on the specifics of the sale. We will note whether a custom order is an option.

What do I say when ordering? Do I have to tell them anything different?

Aside from mentioning the GB itself, not really. Send them a photo of the item you’d like to order, confirm the payment total, communicate any special instructions (full packaging, carrier preference, etc.), and provide your shipping details.

What about my personal information? Is it safe?

Unless there is a problem that requires our involvement, the only people who will have access to your name, address, and other private details will be the seller you’ve given them to.

How do I pay?

You will pay for the item as you normally would when placing an order with the seller directly. Accepted payment methods will be listed in the GB post.

Will I receive PSP?

Yes. Expect things to take longer due to the high volume of orders, but you will receive PSP. Please be patient and allow the seller extra time (at least a week) before messaging them for a status update.

When will I receive my order?

It’s difficult to say. It could be one week, it could be several. It depends on stock availability, how quickly the factory if fulfilling orders, and how fast the shipping agent is able to transfer your parcel to the carrier. Don’t be taken aback if you end up waiting longer than you’re used to. The seller is managing a higher than usual workload, and knowing how unpredictable the rep world can be, every single one of us should be more than prepared for unforeseen delays by now.

8. Replica Ladies Fashion Factory Directory

There are hundreds of rep factories in China. Learning to recognize just a handful takes time, patience, and acute attention to detail. A number of factories don’t have a name or they’ll refuse to disclose it due to security concerns. What they’re doing is copyright infringement after all. Stock pictures are typically taken by contracted photographers using multiple backdrops further rendering an already strenuous task all the more frustrating. That’s not even the half of it. What’s worse is figuring out who makes the best products at the right price. It might as well be comparable to lighting your money on fire.

Thankfully, you’ve found us and we’re not stingy when it comes to sharing intel. Over the years, foreign buyers have granted monikers to their favorite factories as a means of identification. A majority of what you see here are nicknames not the actual factory names. A few predates RL’s existence like GF and 187. You should assume any seller you talk to is not aware of, nor do they use our nicknames. That goes for sellers who are familiar with RL and RL buyers, too. We did not include every seller who works with each respective factory, but we listed as many as we could off the top of our heads. It is up to you to confirm if your preferred seller works with the factory you’d like to purchase from. Since not all sellers have access to the same places, you will need to send stock photos to verify whether they can buy from the supplier specified. However, be forewarned there is no shortage of dishonest sellers who, despite your request, will source from elsewhere assuming you won’t know the difference, charge you an inflated price, then deliver inferior goods. This practice is known as bait and switch (B&S) and is quite prevalent in the rep world. There isn’t always a reliable way to tell if the product you bought came from a certain factory, so it’s important that you know and trust the seller you are transacting with.

This guide will help you distinguish the more well-known vendors. As is the case with the sellers and agents list, it is not all-inclusive and mainly comprised of factories RL members have reviewed. You should not take the descriptions to heart as details or quality can vary by bag, batch, and opinion. Although we’ve done our best to be objective in describing a factory’s strengths and weaknesses, there will be some inherent bias depending on who is writing about said factory and the personal experience that informs their knowledge. Basically, use this as a general guide to help you figure out who is who, who makes what, who sells what, and nothing else.

Important Disclaimers

It is absolutely critical to understand that this is NOT a list of the “the best” reps and sources. We keep harping on this point and we will continue to be repetitive about it until it becomes universal, conventional knowledge. Everyone’s expectations and standards are different. While having such a reference would be wholly convenient, it would also be highly subjective thus, inaccurate, which is why creating a “best of” ranking would be a colossal waste of time. Even highly commended factories fuck up and make subpar products. There will never be any guarantees that you’ll get exactly what you want no matter where you buy from or how much you shell out. Over time through trial and error, you will discover what qualifies as “best” for you.

Finally, keep in mind that no one should view this as an infallible resource. Like the sellers and agents list, it is not sacrosanct. The directory is our best guess at identification and not 100% accurate. It will be necessary to make corrections as we learn more and discover factories that may be interconnected, related, or wholly separate. Some factories we’re certain about and others, less so especially if they’re not popular or familiar to a plurality of RL buyers. It doesn’t help that the sellers have different contacts for suppliers and often provide conflicting info as a result. It’s difficult if not impossible to verify operational details of an illegal enterprise when their very existence relies on opacity.

The Factories

Table of contents

Angel Factory

  • AKA – AF, Diana (Heidi)
  • Speciality – Celine, Dior
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Oli, Martha, Redden, Vken

AF produces Celine, Dior, Gucci, YSL, and more recently, Hermès. They purportedly use “original leather,” which is a rep term for imported European leather. They’re most known for their Dior Book Totes and is considered a high-tier factory with the prices to match.


  • Specialty – Celine, Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Min, Oli

Large manufacturer similar in profile to Jxg. Wide variety of brands are replicated from Boyy to Fendi to Chanel to Louis Vuitton. They offer a plethora of choices and good stock at affordable prices. They’re not known for top accuracy. The leather quality can be mediocre. The bags occasionally have messy logo stamps and incorrect glazing colors depending on the brand, style, and color. However, they are an economical option with many bags to pick from and are easily accessible to a large number of sellers. They’re not always easy to identify since they use numerous backdrops for their stock images.

Beige Couch

  • AKA – Beige Marble Factory (RL), Wuxiaojie (Alice)
  • Speciality – Celine
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Audrey, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken

A high mid-tier factory producing decently accurate reps with varying degrees of quality. They excel at the Celine Trio. Pay close attention to the typeface used for logo stamps as they can be inconsistent with that detail.


  • AKA – Black Marble (RL), Bonica (Bank), Xiajiao (Linda)
  • Specialty – Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aling, Alisa, Apple, Bank, Elaine, Heidi, James, Linda, Nina, Oli, OC, Tina, Vken, Zippy

Although they rep numerous brands like Chloé, Loewe, Valentino, Goyard, and Celine, they are most famous for their classic and seasonal LV bags. Many sellers work with this factory, which seemingly has a large operation, are quick to replenish inventory, prices their products competitively, and use a numerous backgrounds for their stock pics, which makes them difficult to identify. Beware of inaccurate details such as the typeface and orientation of logo stamps.

Black Frame

  • AKA – Heiguang (Aaron), JPH (Heidi), JS (Alice, Anna), JP (Redden)
  • Speciality – Prada
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Audrey, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Sandy, Vken

The seller recommended go-to destination for Prada bags, SLG, and accessories such as bag charms and key chains. They are popular on RL for their Cahier, James Jean Bunny Print line, and nylon bags. Also makes Bulgari and Celine.

Classics Factory

  • AKA – 031 Classics (Vken), 1 Classics (Oli)
  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alisa, Linda, Oli, Vken

Specializes in Chanel bags and SLG. Considered mid-tier by sellers although the quality is good plus they’re less expensive compared to 187 and GF. Popular for their budget-friendly Reissues.


  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Anna, Elaine, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Mr. Birkin, Pink, Redden

An up-and-coming factory focusing solely on Chanel bags and accessories that are generally comparable to the high-tier Chanel factories at a lower price range. They advertise that their bags are made using leather from Tanneries Haas and, according to the sellers we’ve spoken to, are less difficult than 187 and GF to work with.


  • AKA – European Station Factory, Ugly Carpet Factory (RL), Water Cup Factory (RL)
  • Specialty – Celine
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alisa, Emily, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken

A mid-tier factory that limits production to a small set of brands like Loewe and Givenchy, but known for Celine and Celine SLG. Often uses the incorrect typeface for logo stamps, a common flaw of lower-grade suppliers.


  • AKA – Feit (Alice)
  • Speciality – YSL
  • Stock Photos
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden

Manufactures favorably reviewed YSL bags and accessories.


  • AKA – Xiaoyi (Alice)
  • Specialty – Gucci
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Oli

Focuses on Gucci classic and seasonal styles.


  • Alias – Panda Factory (RL)
  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken

Another lesser known Chanel-specialized factory that claims to use imported leather. The general RL consensus is that they are high mid-tier and a good alternative for those unwilling to pay 187/GF prices. According to sellers, the bags are of good quality and well constructed.

Glass Door

  • Specialty – Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Darcy, Linda, Martha, OC, Redden, Tina

Similar to Birdcage Factory, a mid-tier manufacturer that mainly produces classic and seasonal LV including SLG. Their seasonal reps tend to be better overall than their classic offerings.

God Factory

  • AKA – GF
  • Specialty – Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Anna, Bank, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Redden, Oli, Pink, Vken

Considered one of the best Chanel factories and the second most expensive since 187 introduced their “Extreme/King” tier. GF’s strengths include the 25cm CF and Boy bags. They accept custom orders that allows you to choose leather type (lambskin, calfskin, caviar), quilting (classic quilting, chevron), color, and hardware (e.g. antique gold, light gold, matte gold, RHW, polished GHW and SHW). They will even let you pick between the “Made in Italy” and “Made in France” stamps. It takes approximately two to four weeks if not longer for a custom order. Like many high-end factories, they have a very inflexible return and exchange policy. GF also produces Dior, LV, and Hermès. As of the end of 2019, they have phased out Celine and Loewe. GF replicates products using reverse engineered auth.

Golden Tile

  • AKA – Tile Factory (RL), Saibina (Alice, Vken)
  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken
  • Acknowledgement – Thanks to u/eyebrowsonfleek for contributing to this section

Excels at seasonal Chanel styles, but also has well priced, relatively accurate Chanel classics like the CF, Boy, and WOC, which is what they’re most popular for. Their Boy bags have the desired snakehead strap. Depending on who you ask, the quality of their leather can be lacking. They are another factory that purchases authentic bags to copy from and regularly photograph their reps alongside the disassembled auth for their stock photos. They’re generally viewed as higher on the mid-tier spectrum and produces a diverse range of brands from LV to fledgling labels like Gabriela Hearst.

Grey Couch

  • AKA – Wood Table Factory (Martha), Debi (Heidi), Shishangbang
  • Specialty – Celine, Loewe, Gucci, YSL
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Emily, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken

A well-reviewed factory that’s quite popular in China, which means they sell out quickly. They were granted the name Grey Couch because they used to photograph their bags on a dark grey couch, but have since switched backgrounds to a wooden table. Celine, Loewe, and Gucci bags are their strong suits. They also make Balenciaga, Bulgari, Burberry, Dior, YSL, seasonal Chanel, and other IG-popular styles.


  • AKA – HH (Alice)
  • Speciality – Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Darcy, Linda, Martha, Nancy, Nina, OC, Oli, Redden, Vken

A popular factory for seasonal and classic LV.


  • Speciality – Bottega Veneta
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aadi, Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Anna, Heidi, Linda, Redden, Martha, Vken

A seller-recommended factory for high quality Daniel Lee-era Bottega Veneta bags. One of three factories currently producing accurate Padded Cassettes and have already switched over to the new branding. Also popular for Givenchy and Chloé.


  • Specialty – Loewe
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Redden

A highly recommended, popular factory for the Puzzle and other Loewe styles.


  • Specialty – Dior, Gucci, YSL
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Aling, Apple, Candy, Darcy, Linda, Marcia, Nina, OC

Another factory using multiple backgrounds. They produce reps of many brands with a heavy emphasis on the latest Dior and Gucci styles including SLG.


  • Specialty – Celine
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Audrey, Bela, Candy, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden

A massive factory that nearly all sellers have access to similar to Baili. They rep every brand from BV to YSL. If a style is popular, you’ll find it through them. They are an RL favorite for the Celine Nano and Belt. However, a few colorways have the incorrect edge paint colors (tonal instead of contrasting).


  • Speciality – Bottega Veneta
  • Stock PIctures
  • Sellers – Alisa, Heidi

A seller recommended factory for Bottega Veneta. Their best style is the suede Padded Cassette. One of the few to use the correct BV branding. They manufacture other brands like Prada and Dior.


Makes both cheaper half-hand and higher priced full hand-stitched Hermès bags, wallets, shoes, accessories using imported leather. They accept custom orders for regular and exotic skin bags, which take about four to six weeks to finish.


  • AKA – Binli (Alice)
  • Speciality – Loewe, Valentino, and Burberry
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden

Small factory most known for Loewe.


  • AKA – Yipin, YP
  • Specialty – Celine, Loewe
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Elaine, Emily, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Pink, Sandy

As of Fall 2020, Marble has been shut down by Chinese authorities and is closed for the foreseeable future. Nicknamed for their original stock photo background, which had a white marble surface. It has since been replaced by (less visually appealing) wood. A highly rated, go-to factory for the Celine Box, Nano, and Belt. They’re also a good lower-priced option (compared to Angel Factory) for the Dior Book Tote. Other brands available: Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, LV, Prada, and YSL. Marble has limited inventory, and unless it’s one of their best sellers, they will not reproduce styles once the first and second runs have sold out. Preordering is a must. However, be prepared for a long wait as they work very slowly. Marble’s main upsides includes good craftsmanship consistency and branding accuracy. The downside is their leather can be lacking compared to top tier factories like OF and AF. Marble purchases authentic bags for reverse engineering and, unlike most factories, have excellent packaging.


  • AKA – MBB Uncle (Bank)
  • Specialty – Chloé
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Bank, Linda

Popular for classic and seasonal Chloé. Also produces Loewe staples such as the Puzzle and Gate.


  • AKA – Mingx (Alice)
  • Speciality – Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Nancy, Nina, Oli, Redden, Vken

Known for their classic and seasonal LV bags.


  • AKA – Nick (Alice), Nickole (Heidi)
  • Specialty – Fendi
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Bank, Darcy, Emily, Erica, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken
  • Acknowledgement – Thanks to u/yerbamate420 for contributing to this section

Nickloe is to Fendi what Marble is to Celine. They’ve earned a reputation among buyers and sellers alike for making the best Fendi in the rep industry. They also make Fendi SLG, accessories (e.g. Strap You and bag charms), and extremely limited quantities of specific Tom Ford bags. There are other factories that have similar backdrops that can easily be mistaken for Nickloe (i.e. Ounifan).

Orange Couch

  • AKA – Judun (Heidi), Jundu (Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Linda), Mona (Zippy), Xinlong (Bank), OCF (RL)
  • Specialty – Gucci, Dior, YSL
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Bank, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Redden, Wendy, Zippy

Made famous by their Gucci loafers and Dior J’Adior slingbacks, they are now the undisputed RL favorite for YSL specifically the Loulou and Kate. More recently, their LV PSM and Pochette Metis have been gaining popularity, too. Their nickname is derived from one of their stock photo backgrounds which depicts products atop an orange tufted chair. The factory also produces Gucci and Loewe. They offer two qualities levels: regular and the higher tier, more expensive original leather.

Original Factory

  • AKA – OF (RL), Wooman Factory (Marcia)
  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Redden, Vken

OF began as a Chanel-only factory and has quickly branched out to include Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Celine (some style still use the Philo-era logo with the accent aigu), Dior, Gucci, Givenchy, Goyard, Hermès, Prada, Valextra, and YSL. Considered a top-tier factory, OF has been praised for their impressive leather quality, and according to them, are from Haas and Bodin-Joyeux. Their accuracy level can be inconsistent specifically with branding. They will use incorrect typeface that usually gets corrected in later batches. They will occasionally release fantasy colorways and use incorrect edge paint color for certain colors. Do your research and QC thoroughly before buying.


  • AKA – Ouni (Alice)
  • Specialty – Fendi
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Heidi, Linda, Oli

According to multiple TS, they are roughly equivalent to Nickloe for Fendi reps although many still insist that Nickloe is best. Their stock photos are very similar to and can be easily confused for Nickloe. The best way to distinguish between the two is the size of the bronze shelves in the background. Ouni’s are thicker with more prominent beveling than Nickloe’s.


  • AKA – Pomegranate Girl (Heidi), Stripes (RL)
  • Specialty – Celine, Gucci
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Bank, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken
  • Acknowledgement – Thanks to u/misshufflepuff for clarification

Specializes in Gucci, Celine, Prada, and recently, Bottega Veneta. They are considered mid-tier and has a tendency to use incorrect branding and medium-grade leather. Related to another factory we previously listed separately as “Stripes.” Pomegranate has two main sales contacts that operate under different names hence the confusion on the part of the seller during the identification process. For now, we’re going to classify them as one factory.


  • Specialty – Loewe
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Redden

Another factory that solely concentrates on Loewe reps.

Red Brick

  • AKA – BSH (Alice)
  • Specialty – Gucci
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Candy, Darcy, Emily, Linda, Nancy, Oli

Mid-tier, lower priced factory that is popular for budget-friendly Gucci.


  • Specialty – Hermès
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Elaine, Fang, Mr. Birkin

Considered one of the best if not best Hermès factory on RL and outside of RL based on numerous reviews. They only produce fully hand-stitched Hermès bags (they also offer Chanel, but there’s some doubt as to whether they produce the bags themselves or source from another high quality factory and up-charges significantly) and claims the leather they use is from Tanneries Haas. Like most H factories, Symode accepts custom orders, which can take anywhere from two to six weeks depending on volume.


  • AKA – Qiqi (Linda)
  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Candy, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken

A well-regarded factory that isn’t as popular as GF, 187, and OF. The Boy bags have the correct strap end shape and most of their bags have the right logotype for the interior stamps, but verify with the seller beforehand and double-check during the QC stage.


  • Speciality – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Aling, Alisa, Bank, Linda, Martha, Nina, Redden, Tina, Vken

Wenfa produces mid-grade Chanel bags and SLG. A cost effective option for moderately accurate Chanel. They offer exotic skin bags such as python and lizard at low prices ($200 range), but they make fantasy colorways and the interior logo stamp typeface is inconsistent across various styles. They claim to use Haas leather for their higher-grade Chanel reps.

Xiao C

  • AKA – Little C, Small C, 小C (Alisa), Shengchang (Morgan), Walnut (Morgan), Changsheng (Linda), Picao (Oli), SY (Heidi), 元素/Element (Min)
  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aadi, Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Morgan, Oli, Redden
  • Acknowledgement – Thanks to u/tripleaw and u/BS_bagsandshoes for clarification

Previously known as CD-Ming. Xiao C, or Little C is a positively reviewed Chanel factory that may have had some connection to CD factory in the past. Both CD and Xiao C share common sales agents and Xiao C had been previously categorized as CD, but the general consensus is that they are two independent suppliers. Like many rep factories, Xiao C claims to use Haas leather. According to some TS (Morgan and Oli), they also produce limited Dior styles like the Lady Dior, Bobby, and 30 Montaigne. Their speciality is the Chanel 19.

White Branch

  • Specialty – Fendi
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alisa, Audrey, Candy, Darcy, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Tina, Vken

Produces several brands such as Chanel and Gucci using good materials with a decent level of accuracy at reasonable prices. Similar in profile to Golden Tile. They favor Fendi and are cheaper than Nickloe and Ouni, but the quality is fairly comparable. Their bestseller is the Peekaboo.

White Chair

  • AKA – Changjiang (Alice)
  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Audrey, Bank, Emily, Linda, Nina, Oli, Vken, Zippy

Mid-tier factory with persistent, yet minor accuracy issues spanning hardware and logotype according to the sellers we’ve spoken to. They make both classic and seasonal Chanel styles. Their speciality being the latter.

Yellow Wall

  • Speciality – Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Redden

Known for their classic and seasonal LV bags.


  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Min, Marcia, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken

Low mid-tier reps of Chanel bags and accessories. Their interior logo stamp is incorrect. Some of their factory pictures can be easily confused with GF.


  • Specialty – YSL
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alice, Alisa, Linda, Oli

Similar to Feite and popular for YSL.


  • AKA – Xueling (Oli), Aoao家 (Min), S Factory
  • Speciality – Exotic Chanel and Reissues
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Alisa, Linda, Min, Oli, Pink

Yoyo is both a factory and wholesale distributor, which means they sell products from other factories (i.e. S Factory, Miss Bag known for Givenchy). Yoyo’s factory is primarily known for lower priced, mid-tier Chanel bags. They are popular for their Reissues and python CF and Boy bags. They have access to other factories that claim to use Bodin-Joyeaux lambskin for their Chanel reps along with other brands like Hermès, LV, Loewe, Dior, and more. Since not all sellers have the same sales contacts, not all of them will be able to procure inventory from other factories through Yoyo.


  • Specialty – Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers – Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Emily, Elaine, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Pink, Redden, Vken

187 is one of the top Chanel factories in the market. Their nickname came from the first three digits of the serial number found in their bags at the time they became popular. Their strengths include the CF line most notably the caviar Jumbo, which has the most accurate current seasons flap shape compared to the other top Chanel factories. They are also known to produce the best distressed calfskin Reissues and Gabrielle bags. 187 is expensive. They recently introduced a higher quality tier referred to as “Extreme” or “King, that’s priced between $600-700 per bag and supposedly are made using superior materials compared to their “High,” or regular level bags. They have different pricing depending on leather type and hardware color; something other top-tier Chanel rep suppliers don’t do. Their stock pictures are poor (i.e. bad lighting, taken at a distance, situated at odd angles, no detailed close-ups) and there are (not always valid) criticisms of the piping on their Boy reps. Since they’re so popular, preorders can take several weeks to months to complete. They sell out quickly and are slow to restock. They’ve made fantasy colors from time to time, so do your research before paying.

9. Guide to TaoBao

Taobao (TB) is the Amazon and Etsy of China. It’s a massive marketplace of stuff, and sometimes it’s the same products that popular RL sellers are selling. Operative word here is sometimes. As with WeChat/Yupoo sellers, there is a lot of bait and switch (B&S) on TB.

Shopping on TB can be less expensive than going through a traditional rep seller, but there is a big learning curve. You will have to work for it. If you just want an easy, “I know I want this [insert name of a very specific high quality item here], and I just want to pay for it then have it shipped to me,” TB may not be for you and you’ll be better off buying from a regular seller. However, if you like online browsing and hunting for good deals, after you get the hang of it, TB is a rabbit hole of addiction, and in no time, you’ll be posting for help on how to manage your impulse buying.

Where to Start

  1. Use Google Chrome and install the Google Translate extension.
  2. Go to and click the button to translate.
  3. Register for an account. You will need to in order to browse listings. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll also be able to save favorites for future shopping. However, buying directly from TB is Next Level and you are not there yet.
  4. Understand the difference between buying direct, or TB Direct vs. using an agent. Most people go through an agent for greater convenience and additional buyer protections.

What to Buy

Do your own image search on TB to find what you’re looking for.

Which Taobao Agent Should I Use?

Once you’ve amassed your “haul,” it’s time to choose an agent. Superbuy is the most well known and, by far, the most popular. That being said, it’s recommend that new TB shoppers use a smaller agent with better customer service (e.g. Basetao or Ytaopal). This way, when you get stuck, you can email someone and have a better chance getting a helpful, hand-holding response. You might have questions about what colors are available, sizing, etc. Ask your agent to ask the seller. You are paying them to make things easier for you, so get your money’s worth.

If you’re looking for an agent, you can refer to the sellers and agents list. Each member has their own preferred agent. You may have to try a few before finding one you like. In so long as you stick with one of those options, you should be fine. You take a risk dealing with other unknown agents, and like other rep sellers, there are many scammers out there looking to take advantage and steal your money, so be careful.

TB agents can be reached through private message and/or live chat through their websites, by email, and, for some, by WeChat. If you get confused along the way with order processing, payment, or shipping, contact your agent. This cannot be stressed enough. You’re going to pay anywhere from 6-10% in added service fees on top of the item purchase price and shipping cost, this is what that fee is for.

Where Can I Get More Help?

Again, this is a very basic starter guide for TB. There are many guides to help you get comfortable with shopping on TB. Refer to the below for more ordering how-tos, shipping and customs best practices, various other TB agent services like warehouse storage and parcel forwarding, store/seller ratings explanations, and additional invaluable tips to help you score everything on your wishlist.

Taobao Agent Services

Taobao Direct

Searching on Taobao

Shopping on Taobao

Additional Taobao Resources

10. Guide to AliExpress and DHGate

There’s no question, I love AliExpress. There’s just something about chasing an elusive bargain, a secret find, a hidden link, that sets my rep lady heart a flutter. Here’s some top tips I’ve picked up as a ~Diamond~ AE Member (aka I’ve spent way too much bloody money there).

  • First up, download the AE app. This is the easiest way to browse the site.
  • The AE app has an Image Search button which is amazing for tracking down items you are on the lookout for. Click the camera icon in the search bar and other snap a picture or upload one. You can also use this button while you’re in a listing and have an image selected.. This will bring up other similar listings, so is a great way to price check.
  • As a general rule, treat any store score above 90% as a mark out of 10, so 97% positive feedback works out as a 7/10. Don’t touch anything below 90% and try stick to 97% and above wherever possible. (Note: I am impulsive, poorly behaved and often throw caution into the wind and ignore this advice 😂).
  • Look for photo reviews, but be aware that many rep sellers specifically ask people not to share photos so their shops aren’t taken down.
  • Learn to distinguish a fake review from a real one, very quickly. Fake reviews are pretty easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for: find reviews from your home country, in your native language. They should sound fluent and natural, if they don’t, they’re probably fake! Also, photos are fantastic, but make sure they’re legit! If they look professional, staged, like the listing photos, or you see gloves on the hands, they’re probably fake! Try to look and make sure that reviews haven’t all been published on the same day, as that’s often a big giveaway they’re fake 😅
  • Rep links don’t stay live for long – if you notice a bargain with a large number of sales, jump on it as it may not be there when you next check (see warning about impulse purchases above 😅).
  • When sharing AE/DHG links to high traffic sites, its often best to break/hide the link to help protect the listing/store from being taken down prematurely (it’s been rumoured that AE/DHG notices sudden upticks in traffic so this helps stem the flow a little). Add a space before .com.
  • In my personal experience always pick AliExpress Standard Shipping over cheaper alternatives like Cainiao, China Post etc. Unless of course you like waiting 3 months for a parcel that looks like it’s been put through your dryers spin cycle then stomped on several times.
  • If you buy several things at once from different buyers under AE Standard Shipping, AE will often consolidate these into one mega parcel. This saves on their shipment costs, is better for the environment, and they claim your service is often upgraded to a faster shipping option.
  • It’s a good idea, but particularly with consolidated parcels, to film yourself opening the package once it arrives. That way, in the unlikely event something has been left out or you have been sent the wrong thing, you have video proof to send to AE to get a refund.
  • Some sellers work through ‘Hidden Links’ where you purchase an item that looks completely different from the actual product. There are many different ways hidden links are shared – Telegram/FB Groups being popular platforms. Personally I would recommend proceeding with caution, as you have no grounds to stand on for a refund if you order a ‘computer cable’ and that’s what turns up 😂
  • When you find an item you like, always message the seller to ask if they have an album (use “album” instead of yupoo or szwego which are more likely to get flagged). In addition to more items, often higher tier, they will often list alternate contact info. If you want their wechat or whatsapp, you can also ask them over AE/DHG chat, but write it like wh***ap* or something like that — the system may still figure it out, but it’s more likely to slip through. And if they give you their whatsapp etc FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE SAVE IT!!! If you don’t, and they have good stuff, I can guarantee you’ll regret it when the store gets shut down and you can’t buy from them through AE/DHG anymore!
  • You can message sellers directly for more pictures and to ask if an item has logo/branded box etc. and many will then move the chat to WhatsApp. I’ve received a temp ban from AE for using the word WhatsApp too many times in private chat however (yes that can happen 🤡) so be warned
  • If you do need to open a dispute, avoid choosing the option where you ship the item back to the seller, as you’re just asking for a logistical nightmare. Rep items are not supposed to be sold on the site, so don’t open one unless there is something seriously wrong with it (e.g. it’s damaged, never arrived, or the wrong thing was sent). No disputing wrong stitch counts from the auth or slightly skewed logos 😉
  • Items can take about a month to get to you. So the reviews you’re seeing are from items sent out months ago. DHG/AE sellers often switch suppliers, or even if they don’t, batches will vary; so what you receive may not be as good as what someone ordered last month. So just keep your expectations reasonable!
  • Lastly, enjoy AE/DHG for what it is and like all rep purchases, never spend what you can’t afford to lose. AE/DHG is best for low/mid tier reps, so manage your expectations and you might just walk away with some affordable gems 💎 lord knows I sure have

Additional AliExpress Resources

11. Guide to WeChat

Since there are lots of newbies struggling with getting started with WeChat, I invite you beautiful RepLadies to share what has worked for you in terms of getting started, staying active, staying unblocked, and even getting verified/unblocked when necessary. At what rate did you add sellers? Did you add any RepLadies? Post in your moments? Find a WeChat group? What worked for you?

It’s also pretty confusing to figure out when and why one needs to get verified, and other details. So let’s get into it. This is what I have figured out is the most current information on this topic.

There are different reasons why you are not able to access your account. See WeChat’s own guide for more info and guidance per type. TLDR on the relevant ones here: new user, account block (temporary or permanent). NB: there is a guide in the wiki which suggests getting a Google Voice number. WeChat says it is blocking virtual numbers, so this seems to be outdated advice.

Each reason has its own method and rules for getting a friend’s help. So before posting for help in this sub, you’ll want to be specific about which type of help you need. I would propose that WeChat requests on the sub follow a format, such as: I need to be [new user verified/account unblocked], I’m in [Country/Region], and I can [send a QR code/need a phone number verification/other]. Here’s why:

  • New user verification. From what I have seen, it is only possible to verify your account if prompted to do so. I have never friend-verified my account and have never been prompted to do it. Please don’t ask in the WeChat verification threads to be verified if you are not prompted for verification – it makes it harder for people on the sub to help people who really need it. For users not based in China, it seems that you are able to help someone get unlocked if you have had your account for at least 1 month and haven’t helped someone in the last month. You might have the best luck getting verified if you find someone from your same country/region. WeChat seems to change these rules from time to time, check the instructions on the QR code or elsewhere before asking for help. I have personally seen two methods for new user verification recently:

  1. The QR code method. The QR code expires very quickly. It has worked well for me to book a time to meet online to exchange and scan the code. For this to work, it’s helpful to be in a similar timezone.

  2. The method where the new user inputs the phone number of a WeChat user who has offered to help. This also expires fairly quickly. For the friend to follow up on this, you go to Contacts > Search “WeChat Team” > Tap Account > Help Friend Log In, and follow the instructions to complete verification.

  3. Have you used another method recently? Let me know and I will update.

  • Account blocked: This is trickier. Check the WeChat guide to see if any of these situations apply to you. The rules to help a friend get unblocked are stricter: have had an account for 6 months, can unblock 1 account per month, 2 per six months, 3 total within 1 year. I have no evidence of this, but it probably helps to find someone from your same region, i.e. North America/Europe/Asia etc. I have not successfully helped anyone with this. If you have, I’d be glad to update this section. Some people have had success on Fiverr, for example. Tell us who and how much.

If nothing works, it is possible to contact WeChat directly for help. YMMV. Make sure to select “Email” at “Prefer Being Contacted by” section. Sources elsewhere on the internet suggest to be very descriptive while you are telling your problem with the application, and to write in Chinese for fastest service. The trick of translating into Chinese and then back into English to see if the words still make sense is probably the best approach for non-Chinese speakers.

WeChat Tips and Tricks

The video covers how to Search Moments, translate your findings and how to add them to your favourites…. enticing right! 😂😂😂

So I’m going to begin by saying there some excellent guides, which can be found here too, that can help answer some of your WeChat questions.

📱 The setup 📱

My biggest tip for WeChat is as soon as you set up an account, navigate to Me and select your > WeChat ID and rename your account. It usually defaults to a lot letters and numbers to begin with, so change it and your name as soon as possible.

I would also recommend changing your password, you can do this by going to your Me page, select Account Security and set a Password.

🔎Searching 🔍

When searching moments, you can use Google Translate to help.

So for example if you’re looking for a hat use google translate and then paste it into your search function. ( don’t worry I show you this, in the video)

I also URGE you to look at this post and this post by u/lamebbqduck as it contains most of the words I use on Taobao and WeChat. I’d recommend you save these posts too, as they always come in hand.

❤️Adding to Favourites ❤️

So I covered adding to favourites, as I do it daily and it’s a great way to not forget the items you like and may want to purchase at a later date. It also helps me tally costs of items from various sellers.


Many know how to translate, but thought I’d add it to the video regardless. Because even if it helps just one person it’s worth it for me.

Translation even works if your seller responds to you in Chinese, you can still hold your finger down onto the words and translate should appear.

WeChat Moments Search Terms

正品开版 / 正品开模 / 原版购入打版 / 正品起版 – Factory bought authentic to copy

拆解 – Dismantled, means factory bought and deconstructed auth to make reps

正品品质 – Authentic quality

进口 – Imported (if looking for high quality leathers etc.)

零误差 – Zero difference

专柜 – Retail

正品 – Authentic

一比一 – 1:1

定制 – Custom

原单 – ‘Yuan dan’. As explained before, could be auth that didn’t pass QC, or rep made with auth fabrics, or ‘stolen’ auths

原广 – Original factory (could be similar meaning as above, or parts of the item were from auth factory)

对比图 – Comparison photos (one of my faves!!! for size/color comparisons, auth vs. rep, high vs. low quality, etc.)

顶级版本 – Best version

原�?� – Original tags/branding

全套包装 – Full packaging

A guide to Chinese bag nicknames and useful search terms

first stop: classic nicknames

chinese is a pictorial language, and i think this translates to mandarin-speakers having a penchant for coining nicknames which are sometimes literal, a little confusing, but always evocative (as long as you get the reference).

handbags are not exempt from this phenomenon. in fact, some assert that a bag is not a classic unless it has been nicknamed. the easiest way to inquire about/search for a popular style is therefore to use these colloquial names – this has the added benefit of making you look like a real pro in front of our TSs

without further ado and going from top to bottom of the chart linked above, here is a list of ‘classics’, their nicknames, and the origins of said nickname

English name Chinese nickname (and romanisation) Why
Celine Box 豆腐包 (dou fu bao) ‘tofu bag’, as it’s shaped like a block of bean curd
Lady Dior 戴妃包 (dai fei bao) ‘princess diana bag’. simple enough
Chanel Square Mini 方胖子 (fang pang zi) ‘square fatty’. asia: where even bags are fat-shamed
Balenciaga Motorcycle 机车包 (ji che bao) ‘scooter bag’
Gucci Dionysus 酒神包 (jiu shen bao) ‘alcohol god bag’ LOL
Chanel Gabrielle 流浪包 (liu lang bao) ‘vagrant bag’. because it’s a hobo………
Prada Galleria 杀手包 (sha shou bao) ‘murderer bag’. it was worn by a killer in mission impossible
Celine Trapeze 秋千包 (qiu qian bao) ‘seesaw bag’. the term for trapeze is more commonly used to refer to seesaws!
Celine Luggage 笑脸包 (xiao lian bao) ‘smiley face bag’. self-explanatory (although imo it is less a 🙂 and more a :l )
Chloe Drew 小猪包 (xiao zhu bao) ‘piglet bag’ not because it resembles swine, but because ‘drew’ sounds like ‘zhu’
Bvlgari Serpenti 蛇头包 (she tou bao) ‘snake head bag’. also self-explanatory.
Celine Belt 鲶鱼包 (nian yu bao) ‘catfish bag’ cos the two dangly strips resemble the whiskers of a catfish!
Fendi Baguette 法棍包 (fa gun bao) ‘french baguette bag’
YSL Sac De Jour 风琴包 (feng qin bao) ‘pipe organ bag’ as its sides resemble the folds of an accordion
LV Alma 贝壳包 (bei ke bao) ‘seashell bag’. supposedly shaped like a clamshell?
JW Anderson Pierce 牛魔王包 (niu mo wang bao) ‘ox demon king bag’. my fav one! the hardware looks like a cow’s septum ring right? 牛魔王 is actually a famous bull-man hybrid villain from the chinese classic journey to the west
LV Pochette Metis 邮差包 (you chai bao) ‘postman’s bag’ because of its satchel silhouette
Simon Miller Bonsai 盆�?�包 (pen zai bao) ‘bonsai bag’. duh.


second stop: brand names

less interesting, but still useful to know. note that a lot of these are abbreviated to [first letter/character of brand name]家 e.g. Hermes is H家, Dior is 迪家; or 小[something] e.g. Chanel is 小香. entering these names into wechat search is a great way to narrow your options in a sea of moments, but it’s more common for factories/sellers to use the nicknames instead of formal ones so you might get more hits if you try the former.

english name chinese name chinese nicknames
Chanel 香奈儿 小香 / C家 / 香家
Celine 塞林 CE家 / also C家
Dior 迪奥 D家 / CD / 迪家
Hermes 爱马仕 H家 / 爱马家
Loewe 罗意威 罗家
Valentino 华伦天奴 VT家 / V家 / 华伦家
Gucci 古驰 or 古奇 G家
Fendi 芬迪 F家
Louis Vuitton 路易威登 L家 / LV / 驴家 / LOU
Balenciaga 巴黎世家 巴家
Chloe 克洛伊 克家
Givenchy 纪梵希 GV
Burberry 巴宝莉 B家 / 战马家 (*house of warhorse) / BBR / BUR
Prada 普拉达 P家
Saint Laurent 圣罗兰 Y家
Goyard 戈亚德 戈雅
Versace 弗塞奇 美杜莎家 (*house of medusa)
Bvlgari 宝�?�丽 宝家
Bottega Veneta 宝缇嘉 葆蝶家


final stop: types of bags

i touched upon some of these in my guide, but for completeness:

english name chinese equivalent (and romanisation)
handbag (*generic term) 手提包 (shou ti bao)
shoulder bag 肩包 (jian bao)
backpack 背包 (bei bao)
fanny pack/bumbag 腰包 (yao bao)
bucket bag 水桶包 (shui tong bao)
crossbody bag 斜挎包 (xie kua bao)
flap bag 翻盖包 (fan gai bao)
tote bag 托特包 (tuo te bao)
saddle bag 马鞍包 (ma an bao)
clutch 手拿包 (shou na bao)
minaudiere 晚宴包 (wan yan bao)
wristlet 手腕包 (shou wan bao)
cardholder 卡包 (ka bao)
<make up> pouch 化妆包 (hua zhuang bao)
wallet 钱包 (qian bao)

Guide to chatting with WeChat sellers in Chinese

Finally got your WeChat account unlocked? Want to buy reps from WeChat sellers but don’t know what to say? Here’s the guide for you. Note: any other native Chinese speakers, please feel free to chime in and add to the list, I’d love to edit your suggestions in.

While most of our sellers have an excellent to a basic understanding of English, a lot of them speak primarily in Chinese. I’ll go over some common greetings and general phrases related to rep buying.

General Rules and Etiquette

  1. Keep it simple. I have seen so many screenshots of conversations about reps and it’s all just paragraphs rife for mis-translations. Concern upon concerns in a giant wall of text — don’t do that. Cut out all the small talk especially if you’re talking to a seller whose english is more iffy.
  2. Tell them hello, introduce yourself, and say something along the lines of “I’ll be browsing your moments, thanks!”
  3. Go download some stickers. go crazy.
  4. Familiarize yourself with wechat emoji meanings. Reference article here and another one here. Sellers often will use emojis to communicate and there are some differences to wechat emojis and our standard western emojis. (Side note: I went down a road of posts trying to explain chinese wechat sticker memes, and that was glorious. The new generation has really been owning up to these terrible mistranslations of chinese to english)
  5. Be patient. Have some empathy. Double text is fine but just don’t be like this person. We have almost 50k users now, and if every seller got a fraction of that and had to respond and promptly reply to each one…. that’s crazy.
  6. It‘s okay to ask sellers for a price without buying. Just make sure you thank them for their time.

Below, I have listed some common phrases you can use and their chinese translated counterparts.


您好,我是【your name】。我是从Reddit Repladies来的, 想看看�?家的微信。

Translation: Hello, I’m [name]. I’m coming from reddit/repladies, and I’d like to look at your wechat moments.



Translation: My chinese ability is poor, can I use english?


谢谢 | 多谢 | 太谢谢了| 感谢�?了

Translation: Thanks | Many Thanks | Thank You Very Much | Thank You/Thankful of you

If you download stickers – use a thanks sticker!



Translation: Sorry to bother you

Send a waving emoji too


Item and Price requests


Translation: Do you have this style/item?



Translation: Is this item in stock at the factory?



Translation: Do you have factory pictures?



Translation: What colors do you have?



Translation: What kind of leather is this [item] made of?



Translation: What kind of fabric is this [item] made of?



Translation: Which factory makes this [item]?



Translation: Is this a high quality factory?



Translation: How is the quality of this factory?



Translation: I’d like to buy from a high quality factory.



Translation: High quality is very important to me.



Translation: How much is this item?



Translation: How much is the shipping?



Translation: I need to think about it, thank you for your time!



Translation: PSP/Pictures look good, you can send the items! (Essentially meaning GL)


Rep Arrival


Translation: I have received item



Translation: I really like it!



Translation: It’s quality is exceptionally good!



Translation: I wrote a review on reddit for you

Final notes

Wechat translate function is iffy at best. Google is a bit better.

My personal favorite translator is MDBG translator — this one can break it down word by word so if a translation feels weird in both wechat and google, this one will help you get a word-by-word translation and you can have a better feel/jist of the phrase.

In general I’ve found english to chinese translations on MDBG better too.

Always translate the phrase back to English to make sure the message is correct. Sometimes you need to try different English phrasing for the translation to properly convey your message. (From /u/haalo)

Another translator of help is Baidu Translate – baidu is China’s answer to google. Thanks /u/shirleybenz

Bonus – Keywords for wechat search:

If you don’t know how to wechat search — here is a handy image guide I made

  1. Go to contacts, pull down a little so that a search bar appears (I think iphones can now do this on the chat page too)

  2. Select moments

  3. Type in keywords. Voila!

Since I know in the past some of these sellers loved to put speci@l characters or stars i * n e * a * c * h brand name to get past filte* s or give it new names like Ohanel, so we can’t search easily for it. I’ve noticed some sellers will put the full chinese name of brand in. There may be some colloquial character differences, but I think most of these are the “standard” version. I think Weidian has more clear brand names listed in the listings.

  • Chanel -香奈儿

  • Celine -塞林

  • Dior – 迪奥

  • Hermes – 爱马仕

  • Loewe – 罗意威

  • Valentino – 华伦天奴

  • Gucci – 古驰,古奇

  • Fendi – 芬迪

  • Louis Vuitton – 路易威登

  • Balenciaga – 巴黎世家

  • Chloe – 克洛伊

  • Givenchy – 纪梵希

  • Burberry – 巴宝莉

  • Prada – 普拉达

  • Saint Laurent – 圣罗兰


The Intermediate (Advanced?) guide to chatting with Wechat sellers (in Chinese)

Stage 1: Where one wrestles with self-restraint aka pre-purchase

sometimes i like to ask sellers i’ve established a connection with for recommendations of bags in a certain style by telling them what i’m looking for, e.g. “a backpack with black hardware from [brand]”. if a bag is popular, i occasionally ask if they can send me actual photos of the product from past PSPs. this section is meant to cover those questions. of course, you can also search wechat moments with these terms to filter out stuff you are interested in.

i have included the romanised version of each phrase so if you add a chinese pinyin keyboard to your device, you can simply type it in to produce the characters. note that mandarin is a language with a tonne of homophones, so be sure to check you’re not inadvertently saying something else!

english phrase chinese equivalent romanisation
i want / i like [insert any of the below italicised terms] 我要 [x] / 我喜欢 [x] wo yao / wo xi huan
GHW / SHW / BHW 金扣 / 银扣 / 黑扣 jin kou / yin kou / hei kou
handbag (*generic term) 手提包 shou ti bao
shoulder bag 肩包 jian bao
backpack 背包 bei bao
fanny pack 腰包 yao bao
shoes 鞋子 xie zi
calfskin / cow leather / lambskin 小牛皮 / 牛皮 / 小羊皮 xiao niu pi / niu pi / xiao yang pi
necklace / bracelet / ring 项链 / 手链 / 戒指 xiang lian / shou lian / jie zhi
solid gold 纯金 chun jin
gold-plated / silver-plated 金电镀 / 银电镀 jin dian du / yin dian du
small / medium / large (*size) 小号 / 中号 / 大号 xiao hao / zhong hao / da hao
fully hand-stitched 全手缝 quan shou feng
half hand-stitched 半手缝 ban shou feng
full packaging 盒子 or 包装 he zi / bao zhuang
could i trouble you to send [insert any of the below italicised terms] 麻烦�?发 [x] ma fan ni fa
more detailed photos 细节图 xi jie tu
actual photos 实际照 shi ji zhao
is the item in stock at the factory? 工厂有货吗? gong chang you huo ma
in stock item(s) 存货 or 现货 cun huo / xian huo
special price (*usually sale item, may be denoted by a circular red emoji) 特价 te jia
are there any sale prices? i have to ask haha (*a playful way to ask for discounts) 现在有特价吗?我不得不问哈哈 xian zai you te jia ma? wo be dei bu wen
does the sale item have any flaws? 请问特价货有瑕疵吗? qing wen te jia huo you xia ci ma
no returns / no exchanges 不退 / 不换 bu tui / bu huan
Stage 2: Where one has paid aka welcome to shipping limbo

congrats! you bought something! you might feel embarrassed about the sheer number of questions the seller had to answer before you proceeded with the sale and therefore want to express your appreciation. this section covers miscellaneous terms of gratitude (+10 effectiveness if coupled with appropriate sticker) and some common queries about shipments.

english phrase chinese equivalent romanisation
<i am> extremely grateful 非常感激 fei chang gan ji
thank you for your hard work (*literally translates to ‘it’s been difficult for you’ lol) 辛苦�?了 xin ku ni le
<i am> looking forward <to receiving it>! 期待中! qi dai zhong
have you received the payment? �?收到款了吗? ni shou dao kuan le ma
which shipping carrier is the safest? 哪一个货运公司最安全? na yi ge huo yun gong si zui an quan
what is the difference between shipping costs if i choose full packaging versus no packaging? 有全套包装跟没有盒子之间的运费差别是什么? you quan tao bao zhuang gen mei you he zi zhi jian de yun fei cha bie shi shen me?
if you have shipped the parcel, please give me the tracking details (*i prefer saying this instead of straight up questioning whether my stuff has been dispatched) 如果货寄出去了,麻烦�?给我邮件号�?� ru guo huo ji chu qu le, ma fan ni gei wo you jian hao ma
stage 3: where one evaluates the PSPs aka time to squint at your screen

self-explanatory. if you have noticed a legitimate flaw in/mistake with an item, you may use the below phrases to point it out to the seller. again, don’t be an asshole!!

english phrase chinese equivalent romanisation
could you take pictures of the [top / bottom / interior / left side / right side] of the bag? 麻烦�?拍包包 【上面 / 底下 / 内部 / 左边 / 右边】的照片 ma fan ni pai bao bao [shang mian / di xia / nei bu / zuo bian / you bian] de zhao pian
the [insert any of the below italicised terms] is wrong [x] 不对 [x] bu dui
colour 颜色 yan se
size 尺寸 chi cun
material 质料 zhi liao
hardware 五金 wu jin
style/model 款式 kuan shi
this is wrinkled (*send markup of photo) 这边皱了 zhe bian zhou le
there is a hole here (*send markup of photo) 这里�?�洞 zhe li po dong
this is crooked (*send markup of photo) 这边歪了 zhe bian wai le
can this mark be wiped away? (*send markup of photo) 这点能擦得掉吗? zhe dian neng ca de diao ma
there is a problem with the stitching 针法有问题 zhen fa you wen ti
handles <of a bag> 手腕 shou wan
cover <of a bag> 包盖 bao gai
base <of a bag> 包底 bao di
it’s perfect! 非常完美! fei chang wan mei
there is no problem <with the item>, please ship it 没有问题, 请寄吧 mei you wen ti, qing ji ba


Wechat album guide (微商相册)

Actual App VS Mini Program

Actual App: You can have more control over who you follow, set nicknames, unfollow albums. You can also upload photos and share albums, but that might be unnecessary as a buyer

Mini Program: No separate app, simple control, but you cannot unfollow people or set nicknames

Browsing WeChat album without downloading the app using Mini Program

  1. Go to search
  2. Click on “Official Accounts
  3. Type in “微商相册”
  4. Click into the account (with two green triangles)
  5. Click on “进入相册” (the left one out of the three, with a little “S” icon next to it)
  6. Click on “微信登录” (the big green button)
  7. Give permission
  8. Tap on the top right corner (the two circles like target) to close
  9. You will be back to your home page, with the message “Mini Program entrance has been enabled. Find and open previously used Mini Programs via Discover -> Mini Programs
  10. When you slide down on the chat list, you will see it in recently used. It will also show up under the tap Discover -> Mini Programs

How to follow an album

  1. Find a QR Code that looks like this, from a seller’s WeChat moment, or sent it to you by a seller
    *Alternatively, if you find a QR code somewhere else and not on WeChat (for example, someone posted it on RL), use the scan/camera function to scan the QR code if you have it pulled up on a computer, or have it saved/screenshotted on your phone and choose the QR code from your album (top right corner). If you do this, skip step 2 and 3.
  2. Long press on the photo with a QR code on WeChat
  3. Choose extract QR code
  4. A message will pop up “Leaving WeChat and opening “App Store”, click cancel
  5. Close the page by clicking on top left corner
  6. It will look like nothing has happened, but when you go back to the mini program, you will see the person’s album on the bottom right tap (己关注)
  7. *This will show up if you already have the app downloaded

Navigating Mini Program

  • Bottom left tab (相册动态) is like WeChat moment, it updates as there are new posts from people you follow
  • Bottom right tab (己关注) is a list of people/album you are following
  • Top right corner (the two circles like target) is close
  • The one right next to top right corner (the three circles) is options, but there isn’t much you can control on there (It’s in English so self explanatory)
  • When you are inside an album, bottom left button (�?�签与分类) can help you sort through brands really quick. (Note: not all sellers/albums are super organized and have this set up)

Navigating the App

  • Bottom left tab (相册动态) is like WeChat moment, it updates as there are new posts from people you follow
  • Bottom second to the left tab (己关注) is a list of people/album you are following
  • The rest of them we probably won’t use, as they are mainly for uploading photos

Setting Nickname/Unfollowing albums on the App

  1. In the bottom bar, go to the second to the left tab (己关注), you will see a list of people/albums you are already following
  2. Click on any of the album you wish to edit
  3. Click on the three dots on top right corner
  4. Go to “Set Note Name” or “Cancel Attention”

!Bonus! Browsing WeChat album on web

Go to the website above, choose “微信登录” (the big green button), scan the QR code with your WeChat app (Discover->Scan; or click on the “+” on the top right corner under chat tab, then click scan).

WeChat album guide Part 2

How to save a post to your own album

How to find your own page

How to add tags


  • You can set who can see each post as you save them

  • When it says “all friends”, they have to follow your album to be able to see posts. You can check who follows you here

  • You are probably safe because someone would need to scan your QR code to see your posts, same as how we need to scan seller’s QR code to see their stuff

  • You can also go to setting and turn on follower request as well

So, what about the mini program?

  • You can still download photos, save posts and add/delete texts while you browse, but you cannot add tags or edit tags. Which is why the function of adding a bunch of post (in the app only) to a tag all at once would be useful.

  • Saving posts is very similar to using the app. But you will click on the bottom left button to save. You can still save with the bottom right button, but it will ask if you also want to share it in other ways, and you need to click “no” and exit, which has extra steps.

  • However, my favorite browsing mode is only available in mini program. You can pick which browsing mode you want, and I like the first and second the best, because it shows both text and a relatively large picture, so I can glance on the item and price really quickly.

Ta-da! Searching for items would be much easier than scrolling thru a million screenshots. It’s also much easier to look at full size pictures without saving each individual photos!

  • Use keywords in the search bar (you have to add those keywords while you save the post)

  • Use tags (of course you have to set it up with instructions above)



12. RepLadies Guide to Quality Check (QC)

Before we begin, give your QC skills a test!

It wasn’t easy, was it? In the public mind, fakes will always be defined by the endlessly creative Canal Street frankenbag creations that wouldn’t past muster with most people including your uncle who doesn’t give two shits about fashion and has been proudly donning the same pair of Dockers since 1992. A lot has changed. High-end reps are quickly closing the gap on their authentic counterparts in both appearance and quality. The outrageous, often unjustifiable annual price increases spearheaded by major brands like LV and Chanel are driving consumers towards other alternatives and diminishing the stigma of purchasing counterfeit designer goods in the process.

What is QC?

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can all but guarantee that the options available to you are plentiful. It’s both a blessing and a curse. How are you supposed to know what to choose? Quality check/control, or QCing will answer that question. Arguably the most important step in the ordering process and a worthwhile skill to develop if this isn’t going to be a one-and-done purchase for you. QCing really isn’t as complicated as it seems. Even though there are multiple factors to consider and many details to be aware of, anyone can do it and it’s fun. It might even become your favorite part of rep-buying. Remember Highlights Hidden Pictures? It’s like that except far more rewarding.

The Basics

It’s imperative for all buyers to do their research and do it well. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. We should start with the number one QC faux pas so we can purge it from the onset: having unreasonable expectations.

There are limits to reps. 1:1 is a fallacy that causes buyers to have unrealistic hopes resulting in a great deal of consternation when they’re inevitably dashed. Anyone chasing perfection will be sorely disappointed. We must accept that there will be some deviation even in the highest quality, most well-reviewed rep. Let’s not get carried away here. We can’t hold reps to a higher standard than we would the genuine article that costs thousands of dollars more.

Secondly, do not QC with confirmation bias. What we mean by this is that buyers have a tendency to designate one auth specimen as their incontestable QC standard, then use it to reject everything that isn’t identical to it. If only it could be so simple. You should not attempt to validate your disappointment by seeking out auth examples that look different from your pre-shipment pictures (PSP) while purposely overlooking everything else that shows the variation in question is well within the range of accuracy, thus acceptability. You are doing yourself a disservice with this approach. It’s not only wrong, it will it make you terrible at QCing in the long run and it will cause you to discard fantastic reps for no good reason. Sellers will rightfully deem you impossible to please and refuse to work with you. You’ll wind up feeling like you wasted a lot of time, and worse, money. We want to help you avoid that. This is supposed to be fun.

To do this right, you have to consider various references and compare against multiple pictures of the same bag, wallet, shoe, piece of jewelry, what have you from The Purse Forum (TPF), Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, and resale sites. Avoid the brands’ websites as some of them photograph samples for their stock images and certain design elements can and do change during the final production run.

QCing requires conviction in your own judgment. You may not feel all too confident about it now, but give yourself some credit. You know what you like and you know what you want. That’s already half the battle, and the best part is you have a good support system in RL. There’s no shortage of knowledgeable, helpful members here who will gladly give you their advice and teach you a thing or two. However, no one is the sole authority on rep accuracy. That includes our best reviewers, us mods, and the individuals who wrote the guides in this very wiki. We’re all looking for and prioritizing different things. There is a lot of ingrained bias when it comes to QCing because so much of it is nothing more than someone’s personal opinion. The best rep, best seller, and best factory is entirely subjective.

Ultimately, it is your money, so your decision is what matters most. Learn to trust your instincts and you will come to find that no one can QC your rep better than you can.

No amount of money buys rep perfection because it doesn’t exist.

The Method

  • What’s most important to you: price, quality, or accuracy?
  • Thoroughly study and become familiar with the details of what you are looking to buy. Remember to use several auth references. Buyer photos on TPF and IG are infinitely more useful than professionally lit, airbrushed stock images. You’ll get better at this part of the process the more you do it. If you think this much work is unnecessary and you have no interest in being so fastidious, that’s fine too. It’s up to you how in-depth you want to get.
  • Don’t allow others to dictate what your standards should be. You’re allowed to have your own preferences even when it runs counter to popular consensus. That said, be self-aware enough to realize when you’re taking it too far.
  • A forcibly delivered assertion is not necessarily expertise. Just because someone sounds like they know what they’re talking about, doesn’t mean they actually do. It does not make them right nor you wrong.
  • Be mindful of who you listen to and take everything with a healthy dose of skepticism. You never know who has ulterior motives. Not every seller is willing to provide honest feedback on their suppliers. They’re focused on making the sale. The rep world, as with all illegal enterprises, is sketchy.

Auth vs. Factory Photos vs. PSP

PSP should always be compared to factory stock photos not to the authentic. Comparing the rep to the auth should be done prior to ordering. If that doesn’t make any sense and goes against what you’ve been led to believe, allow us to explain. Choosing an accurate rep is a time-consuming, multi-step process. There are so many factories in China producing products at various quality and price levels. The abundance of choice is what’s understandably overwhelming and confusing to most buyers. Every factory provides stock pictures that sellers use to show customers what they have to offer. When researching a rep, use those images to QC. Don’t just limit yourself to one factory either. Seek out other options from your seller or multiple sellers by searching WeChat Moments and browsing Yupoo/Szwego albums. Afterwards, compare all the images you’ve collected to the auth and to each other. Soon enough, you’ll be able to whittle it down to the one.

Once you’ve made your decision, pay, and receive PSP, that’s when you should be comparing the pictures to the stock images only. At this stage, your primary concern is quality not accuracy. Evaluating accuracy was the purpose of the preliminary QC and you’ve already completed that step. Now, if the product differs substantially from the factory photos, you can request your seller to exchange it for you although you should not assume that the factory will allow this. If it is not a noticeable difference – and be honest about what’s actually noticeable to the average person – then that’s what you’re stuck with even if you’re convinced that one flaw makes the whole thing an #instantcallout or a “dead giveaway.” We despise both those terms, and no, it probably isn’t as bad as you think it is. There’s no need to get upset. This is the way the rep game works and if you want to continue playing, then you’ll have to learn to accept the L graciously. You’re not always going to get exactly what you want, but you’ll get pretty damn close and for 10% of the authentic price. Some compromises are worth it.

The Accuracy Scale

We’ve firmly established that product details will differ between seasons, collections, and even bag-to-bag. We cannot emphasize enough how flawed the auth we’re comparing our reps to are. TPF is filled with sad tales of misalignment, discoloration, peeling edges, broken chain straps, tarnished hardware, and crooked logos. It’s become such a pervasive problem that the brands have trained their own sales staff to explain away defects by pushing the “everything’s handmade” excuse. For the amount of profit they generate on the sale of luxury accessories, they could stand to come up with a better one considering most things are made by hand including your iPhone, your underwear, and even your reps. They will never admit it, but the output of LVMH and their ilk isn’t what it used to be now that shareholder returns supersede standards.

Don’t be shocked when you come across the real deal in a department store and your rep feels equally nice if not better, or if an item has a feature inconsistent with what’s been accepted as QC criterion on RL especially for classic styles that have been around for decades such as the Chanel Classic Flap or LV Neverfull. Steadfast rules don’t mean a whole lot when the auth varies as much as they do. As you QC your rep, never forget that the notion of accuracy exists on a sliding scale not an exact target. That’s a positive thing. It means there’s more than one right answer. It means your rep is likely to be “passable” than not. It means QCing isn’t that difficult after all.

The Guides

Table of contents

As you continue your transformation into a QC master, we’ve complied an assortment of resources to help you through the journey. Although they will prove helpful in establishing some fundamentals, try not to take everything literally. These are basic reference guides. It’s not meant to be a checklist of what to approve and reject.

The wiki will be continually updated as we discover more helpful links. If you’re still uncertain and confused after reading through them, you can always consult the sub. Additionally, if you have a guide you like to use that isn’t found here, feel free to message the mod team. We’ll be happy to add it.

General Guides

Brand Guides


Bottega Veneta







Christian Louboutin



Golden Goose




Louis Vuitton





Stella McCartney

Tiffany & Co.

Van Cleef & Arpels


User Submitted Guides

Bottega Veneta

Canada Goose








Louis Vuitton





13. Guide to Taking Care of your Reps and Making Custom Alterations


Picture of products

  • Collonil Suede Protector – I find this excellent for waterproofing my suede and nubuck leathers.
  • Collonil Carbon Pro Spray – Great for waterproofing my non suede leathers. I primarily use this for shoes. I’ve read of people spraying it on canvas and toile with success.
  • Blackrock Leather’n’Rich – I’ve used this on my auth Hermès with great success. I use my fingers to rub this into small areas of leather. I Don’t rub too hard because it can start removing color. Wipe off before starting a new area. I usually use this on leather that needs to be cleaned. After first application I usually use Obenaufs and then follow up with a final coat of this (for auth Hermès) or Kiwi (Rep Hermès and other reps). Not to be used on suede or nubuck.
  • Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP – I use in between Blackrock applications. I’ve used this to waterproof my auth Hermès Gulliver, Swift, and Box leathers as well as rep Celine Box bags. I use my fingers to massage it in to small areas and have used a blow dryer on the leather (not too hot and not for long!). The heat opens the pores in the leather and allows it to better accept the treatment. Wipe off before beginning new area. Once done I let bag rest overnight before applying anything else. The next day I use Blackrocks again to shine the bag (on auth Hermès) or Kiwi (on reps).
  • Kiwi Leather Oil – MY FAVORITE for my non suede reps! I wasn’t really satisfied with the shine I was getting by using Apple or Cadillac and happened upon this at Walmart one day. I don’t think I’ve used the Apple or Cadillac since. I’ve used this for a quick shine/protection on my bags as well as applying this and using a bit of heat from a blow dryer for reps that had dry leather (would NOT recommend this for caviar).
  • Lexol Vinylex Protectant – It shines my Vuitton coated canvas. It will require reapplication on occasion as the shine wears off.

I know I didn’t say anything or give links to Apple, Lexol Leather, or Cadillac (which I just ran out of and ordered Saphir Creme Universelle in it’s place) because I find the products listed here work better for me.

Lessons from a Patina-Crazy RL

So this goes out to all my fellow “Patina-Cray-Cray”-RL-members, in short PCRL, if I may call us so moving forward? Since joining this sub about a year ago and several purchases (some unwarranted, some unnecessary, some great, some  better, some the best,…) I always struggled with patina on my Louis Vuitton purchases from various Trusted Sellers. At this point, it has become a serious issue/condition for me (and possible other PCRL) which are as in love with some nice honey-brown patina as much as I am and equally as impatient as I am, then this is quite an issue to deal with. (yes, you may so why not just go with second-hand authentic/vintage? Because I am being difficult and don’t like used bags.)

In this thread, I would like to share my probably slight to a severe obsession with patina (certainly ridiculous to some others) and the lessons I have learned from applying some of the techniques mentioned below to achieve patina and/or clean your vachetta leather.  Bear with me and grab a cup of tea or coffee or flute of champagne or glass of wine whatever floats your boat….

1) the long wait to see some change in the initially very white vachetta leather

You finally get your long-awaited (2-3 days DHL when OC ships out 😉) bag and can’t wait to wear it out but something bugs you a bit: The leather is WHITE. Almost as white as snow. Hmm, that makes you wonder: “Does it make the bag look even more like a rep?”, “Who will believe me that I just bought a +1K bag brand new?”. Again my dear PCRL, shine your shine, your yé is different from their yé, let me tell you that. Using your bag a couple of times during a very warm sunny day will certainly kick-start the patina process. I once read somewhere, that once upon receiving a new item you should let it sit in your windowsill for a few days, turning the item over every other day or so to allow the patina process to kick-start. This supposedly will allow for less irritation to occur on the leather as well as protect the leather itself. The good: you will certainly see a difference in a week in the look of your bag and if what I read is true you will have created a natural protection film for your bag. Apparently, the all-white leather is more prone to stains, water-stains, oil stains,  dirt and the like. Having some initial patina will guard it better.

2) TANNING: the sunbathing/solarium bathing/car bathing (you name it)

My dear PCRLs that do either of these are serious about not wasting any time on getting their patina-game started! Basically, you continue what you started above or take it to a next level: You sunbath your bag by allowing it to sit under the open sun for hours, turning it once in a while to achieve an even darkening on all sides. This can be literally done anywhere: in your garden, at your window, in a parking lot, in the park, at your rooftop, etc., the list goes on and on. You do this for however long you wish to until you feel you have achieved the patina of your liking. Through the direct exposure to light and heat the leather processes faster.

However, be aware of “grilling” or “frying” your bag. This occurs when the bag has been exposed for too many hours to too much light exposure. So do this at your own risk, keep an eye on your bag throughout the process and make sure you flip it like an omelette once in a while. 😉Same goes for the solarium bathing.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t done this myself, however, I have read on here a couple of times of fellow serious PCRLs of purchasing tanning time in the studio and pushing their bags under the sun-bed for a couple of minutes.

I believe it wasn’t for all that long (approx. 3-7min) with rotation and repeating the process weekly or every other day.

Yet to see some progress pics, so if you dear reader are one of those serious PCRLs, kindly share your process pictures with us. Love to see them When it comes to car-bathing/tanning which I too haven’t done yet, it seems to be the simplest form and very easy to do. It’s like microwaving your bag: simply park your car in the sunny spot and lock your bag up in it and that’s it, done.

This is probably a great option for the forgetful PCRLs among us who tend to leave their purses in their cars anyways. Still, I wouldn’t recommend this to all, due to car theft and the possibility of actually melting your car ?!

3) the pink/salmon coloured patina stage

For many PCRLs, the pink stage is a very difficult one to bear that is if they are seeking to quickly obtain the beloved honey-brown colour ASAP. It seems to be a strange in-between stage with no certain end in sight. When your leather starts getting that salmon-touch of pink you start to worry: “Does it make my bag look all call-out-able?” “Uuuurgh when will this start to get honey-like?” “Will it ever get honey-like?” ”I don’t like this!!!”.

An ongoing cycle of worries and you start wearing your bag less and less. BUT do not do that! That’s exactly what the evil spirits of RL-haters want you to do. DO NOT PLEASE them but stride your shine.

Take your beloved one out, live your best life and enjoy that baby. Trust me it will thank you later for that, through (now take a wild guess) a beautiful honey patina (hopefully).

4) the olive/mink oil/leather conditioner situation

Now this my dear PCRLs I believe all know is the most debated patina-enhancement process of all. Some say it destroys your vachetta leather. Others swear by it, saying it makes the leather settle, subtle and evenly “patinad”.

The tale is as old as leather. The issue being: applying any great amounts of oils on your bags may create severe leather issues or damages in the future such as breakage, dissolving of the leather and leaking of the oil back to the surface causing oil stains, the leather going rancid and the mere application of foodstuff on your bag being weird to some. Additionally, oils tend to have their own colours and as such may leave some colouration on the leather of your bags making it take up an orange-like, pink-like, dark-brown-like colour later on.

The benefits some love about applying oil is that its an easy fix for changing the appearance of the leather and also makes the leather softer.

Leather conditioners, on the other hand, seem to be a safer alternative for those looking to enhance the patina process. Most of them do not change the leather colouration too much and also do not speed up the process of patina as much as the above mentioned, however, they manage to keep the leather soft and guarantee for fewer chances of breakages and cracks. Your bags will certainly be nicely taken care of.

A few products that commonly used:

  • Honey Leather Conditioner
  • All Armour Wipes
  • any type of leather conditioner available in your region, to be honest

5) the baby wipe method

This method seems to be a very promising one in keeping an even patina on your leathers by wiping down your bags regularly with oil-free baby wipes which will remove excess oils and dirt from the vachetta leather, allowing for a clean even leather to peek through. It will however also slow down the patina process, as you keep removing the top-layer of patina (dirt, oils, stains…) from your bag. Nonetheless, it will certainly leave your bags with an even patina on all fronts.

​​6) the Patina Champer

This is for the serious of the serious PCRLs. In fact, this process is much more of a cleaning process than an actual patina-enhancement process. It is still worthwhile of mentioning as it does affect your patina process, is able to remove severe dirt from the bags, as well as oils and a certain level of stains.

There are several threads on here and TPF as well as Youtubers that explain the patina champ method vigorously detailed and are easy to follow. Google is your friend – if I try to type it up, I’ll probably make mistakes. Given this article aims to bring to you a few lessons learned from a PCRL, I, unfortunately, have no real lesson learned from the patina champ method, however, have read only good things about it.

​All in all, the true lesson learned that I can say is (which ultimately goes back to basics):

Use your bag,

use it a lot and WAIT.

Through usage, all your oils from your hands and hand cremes and what not drops the leather will patina with it. Also the more you use your bag the more sunshine and air it gets exposed to and as such it will develop a patina faster.

Bags that sit in storage will eventually also develop a patina, as these aren’t vacuum proof and air/sunshine will still seep through and cause oxidation and as such darken the leather, albeit slower than when in usage.I have included a few links to pictures here and there of my different “looks” achieved (some bags I have long sold, others still in my dear possession and care).​

Also, I am encouraging other PCRLs to share some of their patina-process pictures no matter what stage you are at now and your experience with patina. The more the merrier.

EASY FIX for touching VU on LV Damier Print.. Used on OC Neverfull MM DE

I recently purchased the Neverfull MM in DE print from the Old Cobbler (TS). I was really glad with my purchase BUT was upset to see all of the VU’s in Louis Vuitton were touching, which can be a call-out for a rep. I was trying to find a guide post about how to fix this, and found that some people have used nail polish remover to fix this problem. Although the nail polish remover did help, I needed a little more to fix the print problem. I used a stubby tiny pair of beauty scissors to fix the remaining touching VU’s. Below I listed a description of how I did this as well as photos!


  • First, I used a small makeup brush dipped in nail polish remover to brush where I wanted the text to disappear.
  • Next, I took the scissors and made it so I was only using one half of the scissors. I pushed the blade between the V and the U and pressed down lightly and pushed up. I repeated this step if I felt that the V and U were still connected.
  • Finally, I wiped off the excess nail polish remover with a cotton swab.

Now, I am really happy with how this improved the appearance of my bag. I hope this helps anyone else who loves this print of LV bags but doesn’t want to be called out for a rep!

Transformation of Red Glazing

Disclaimer: I am new to this sub & the speedy is my first rep ever. I haven’t seen many before & after pictures with the markers so I figured I would provide a few in case there are others out there like me.


I received my speedy 30 from Tina this Monday (review is posted). I have no eye for LV but the red glazing is a big giveaway for me. When I received the bag everything seemed fine to me, until I was walking into work at 8 am & the sunlight exposed my worst fucking nightmare. This cherry red I read a bunch of reviews and order these lovely Rejuvenate markers. I used the mahogany which is #5 I thought it looked a bit too purple but I trusted the RepLadies! Also #2 was a dried out train wreck so ignore that.

I do have a auth mini pochette with small glazing which is the color I was aiming for.

The handles seemed perfectly fine to me compared to the rest of the bag.

Here is a upclose before and after. Before & after of the side of the bag.

After I finished the handle compared to the small piece of authentic glazing I own

Here are some outdoor after pictures

Poodles included. As well as some of my mistakes I made on the handle. Oh well.

Before and after pictures if you don’t want to go through all the pictures I posted


No more sunlight but I’m sure you all get the point

How To Fix Long Tab on a Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

In this tutorial I will be walking you step by step through shortening the tab on your Pochette Metis. I got mine from the Buy & Sell forum, and I’m really happy with the quality but like almost all other reps of this bag, the tab was too long so I decided to give mine the snip! All in all this is not difficult, a little scary but it only took me about 20 mins and wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined.

Here is what my tab looked like before fixing it. Approximately 17-18 mm.

Here is a picture of the tab on an auth generously provided by /u/savinforcollege. Approximately 15 mm.

Here is an auth with a horribly wonky tab in the correct length in the black Empriente.

AS you can see I needed to shorten mine by a couple of mm to have a more accurate look. Let’s get to it!

Here are pictures of each step, with these same descriptions in the appropriate places and a few extras descriptions here and there, but the main instructions are all here.

Materials: Scissors, a hair straightener, Loctite glue, 80-grit sandpaper, a measuring tape or ruler that has mm and cm, a precision screwdriver kit and a little piece of a dryer sheet.

  1. Start by removing the hardware from the bag, using a small piece of dryer sheet to protect the screws from getting scratched.
  2. Lay all of your materials out and measure again.
  3. If your tab is glued together at the bottom like this, pull it apart carefully.
  4. Cut it right on the line where the indentation from the hardware stops. This is the scariest part, obviously try to cut straight!
  5. Put the hardware back on and check the length.
  6. Sand the inside edge of the piece you just cut. I used 80 grit and that worked well but anything rougher will work too.
  7. Flatten out the tip you just cut with the straightener, set to high.
  8. Put hardware on and check length again, overlapping your new edge into the indentation where it will be covered by hardware and figure out where it needs to sit.
  9. Put a small line of glue at the edge of the indentation where the hardware sits, on the inside, and overlap your new edge onto it. Hold it together until it dries. It dried really quickly.
  10. If your length is good and everything looks straight, go ahead and glue the second piece back on, making sure that it overlaps the other cut edge.
  11. Measure and if everything looks good, put it back on your bag, again using the dryer sheet to protect your screws. Make sure that you put the tab back on so that the cut edge is hidden on the inside by the purse and not in the front.

Overall I’m really happy with the way this turned out! It was a bit scary cutting and gluing on a new bag but it worked really well and the glue seems really sturdy so I’m hoping it will hold up. If for some reason it doesn’t, I plan on putting a couple of stitches through the overlapping on the inside.

Good luck everyone! I hope this goes well and we won’t have an influx of ladies begging TS’s to send extra tabs!

Remove random LV Canvas Mono from Your Palm Springs Mini

I did a review earlier regarding my PS Mini bought from Min here.

The canvas was cut a bit low, and while I saw some instances of this in auths, it was bothering me. So I decided to try to fix it!!

I guessed and decided to use 100% acetone lying around my house since it removes nail polish well. (I was really scared when I tried this as I had no idea what the acetone would do.)

Guys. It worked!!! I no longer have rando mono pieces at the top of my bag!!! And it didn’t take off the brown canvas colour either.


Thin Paintbrush 100% acetone Q-tips Cup of Water

Instructions and Pictures here.

  1. Dip thin paintbrush into 100% acetone
  2. Paint it on the Mono that you want removed.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until it’s all gone. You may want to pat the paintbrush on paper towel to get rid of excess colour on paintbrush.
  4. Dip q-tip in water and rub onto the area to remove any leftover acetone.

Let me know if you try this!! I think it looks really good.

EDIT: when you start, test it out on a unnoticeable area first!

How to Fix the Heat Stamp on your LV Palm Springs Mini

On this episode of Keeping Up with the RepLadies, I’ve noticed an influx of newer members who are looking for the best Palm Springs Mini. So far, the top contenders are OC ($210) and Erica ($170) with Apple ($140) and Nancy ($145) as runner-ups. However… The general consensus is that the PSM is hard to replicate and the critique I hear most often is that the front tab is inaccurate (e.g. heat stamp is too deeply imprinted and/or wrong font is used for LOUIS VUITTON PARIS). Mine from Erica had similar issues (wonky font and waaay too deep). See how I transformed from this to this!



I know some of y’all will complain that you prefer the deeper stamp before. Trust me, I see where you’re coming from, because some of these authentic stamps are barely visible for a $2000 bag! But this guide was made for those who wish to be as close to auth as possible. The tabs on the reps also look too thick and stiff, whereas the authentics look soft and pliable—almost like they’re “worn in.” Here are references of auth tabs that I gathered from various reselling sites.


You will need:

  • A couple of Q-tips
  • A small container of hot to almost-boiling water (NOT lukewarm!)
  • Caution — Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong. Please use your own judgment.
  • Patience…lots of patience…
  • Paper towels for cleaning up


This will take approximately 30 min, depending on how deep your current stamp is and what your desired goal is. It’s not hard but extremely repetitive, and I recommend putting on Netflix/YouTube/music so you don’t get too bored.

Here’s the photos for those who are more visually inclined.

Step 1: Grab a small container that can withstand heat (e.g. bowl or Tupperware) and either (1) fill it up with hot water from a boiler or (2) fill with cold water and microwave for 1 min. You should see steam rising, but test the water to make sure it’s not scalding since we’re working on leather.

Step 2: Dip your Q-tip into the hot water and apply over the heat stamp. Focus on the center and avoid the edges/canvas.

Step 3: Keep transferring water until the stamp is covered and you can no longer read the words.

Step 4: Hold the tab in between your thumb and index finger and press down as hard as you can and hold for a few seconds. Visualize yourself flattening the imprint!

Step 5: Massage the tab between your fingers, and roll upwards so there’s a slight curve. This is to create that “soft, pliable leather that’s worn in” look.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-5 until you reach your desired goal. If your water gets cold, reheat in the microwave for another min. (I did 5 rounds of this and reheated my water 3 times.)

Step 7: When you’re happy with it, clean off the tab with a paper towel and make sure to press into the leather to absorb the excess water.

And TA-DA! Your new and improved PSM is ready for more music festivals and bougie brunches.