All functions are usable, double-hand independent function, sun phase, the most complex watch in the replica world, all functions are synchronized with the original, all function adjustments are controlled by the crown
Function introduction: Sun, moon and stars at 12 o’clock, independent small seconds and day hand display at 9 o’clock, month hand at 6 o’clock, and linked to the year display at 7 o’clock, the year jumps every 12 months, and at 3 o’clock It is the most classic power display pointer and date display.

Each needle is real and usable. Two needles are glued together to distinguish the small factory on the market.

The shell adopts the same three-piece structure as the original, with brushed middle, polished upper and lower shells, and a high-cost pot-lid-shaped sapphire mirror used to enhance its texture.

The size is 42.2mm

Since the perpetual calendar module is very complicated, the time will be adjusted before shipment. Customers can just wind it up and wear it directly after receiving it.

Don’t adjust it easily. If you really need to adjust it, first set the time to 8 p.m.

Then go to debug other functions. When debugging, first manually align the day of the week, pull out one section and turn it upward to adjust the month (12 months linked to the year), then turn it down about three turns to start adjusting the calendar.


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