I highly recommend doing this! Its kind of fun to see everything in one place and now I can “shop” my closet whenever I get the urge to online shop.

For size reference I am 4’11 and fluctuate between 93-100lbs. I wear size 5 shoes and generally just a petite body (although my head is kind of big haha). I wear size 0/24.

My style is all over the place. Its often basic because I really value being comfy. I wear a lot of slip dresses, oversized vintage sweatshirts with jeans, and slip on shoes. I have a lot of AUTH in my closet but I don’t really care about things looking 1:1 since everyone in my life thinks my $10 shoes are Gucci anyways.

I’ve also bought 30+ pairs of press on nails that I won’t bother to link since they’re all similar but I highly recommend all of them! This one is my favorite. I always get compliments on my nails!


Okay but I’m keeping it


Returned/Didn’t work out

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