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The RM 47 Tourbillon harks back to the sources of Japanese crafting tradition in proposing an allegory of Bushido, the samurai code of ethics whose values still prevail in Japanese society.

It is not without reason that the samurai armour at the heart of the RM 47 Tourbillon sports the crest of the Asano clan.

Originating from Hiroshima, this family is without doubt the finest embodiment of the Bushido spirit. Asano Naganori, the daimyo, or chief, of the family fiefdom at the turn of the eighteenth century, was the lord of the 47 rōnin who avenged his death before following him into the afterworld.

The Asano family’s kamon is featured on the tourbillon at 6 o’clock. Each samurai clan had its own kamon, a heraldic sign borne on their clothes, their sabres and the banners carried onto fields of battle. Representing two crossed falcon feathers, this emblem was also very finely engraved on the warriors’ helmet winglets. In Japanese feudal iconography, the falcon expressed strength in war and the authority of the suzerain.

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