* Disclosure – Absolutely no incentives were given for this review, nor did George ask that I write it. My opinions are 110% mine.

* Seller’s name: George

* Seller contact info: WhatsApp – +86 136 2040 1588

* Seller’s Szwego album

* Price of items: $112 for the Pochette in Damier Ebene from OS / $142 for the Pochette in Mono Empireinte from Huahui

* Payment method: PayPal F&F

* Price of shipping and carrier: $65 – DHL

* Order timeline:

* 6/16: Contacted via WhatsApp after reading another RL’s review. Requested pricing for pochettes as well as a LV wallet. George told me they would check on the wallet as it was a less common item.

* 6/19: Reached back out to George for an update. George let me know that the factory did not have the wallet. I requested pricing on the Pochette in the Damier Ebene and the Mono Empireinte. George informed me that Orange Sofa did not make the Mono Empireinte – but Huahui did. George also informed me that Huahui’s products are not as good as Orange Sofa. I appreciated the information – and I told them that was okay and it would be good to compare the two anyways. I paid via PayPal F&F.

** Up until this point – we had been communicating in English, but some things were getting lost in translation and there was some confusion. George asked if I spoke Chinese, and I said I did not – but I could use a translator app. I began structuring my responses in English and then Chinese (as noted in the RL FAQ) and that seemed to help a lot.

* 6/21: George sent me PSPs. I had some concerns about the alignment on the Damier Ebene bag which I pointed out. George showed me additional pictures and said that the alignment was fine. There was some back and forth, and ultimately I decided I was being a PITA and way too picky. I gave the GL and a thumbs up.

* 6/23: George sent me a picture of the DHL package ready to go out.

* 6/25: I contacted George and asked for the order tracking number. They promptly provided the FedEx tracking number.

* 7/1: Delivered!

* Constructive criticism welcome 🙂

## **Photos**

My photos of the Pochette in Damier Ebene from Orange Sofa | PSPs | W2C – pic in Mono – sent this and asked for the DE | Auth

## **Quality – 9.25/10**

The quality on this piece feels very good. The stitching is straight, and it feels very well constructed. There was zero fufu smell when I opened the package – and the insert smells of leather. The chain is heavy and the gold color is soft and warm.

There is a slight flaw on the brown glazing on the front of the bag right at the point of the flap. The brown glazing either rubbed off or was missed – and some of the color transferred slightly to the red fabric. -0.5 just because it’s so front and center.

The stamp / cut on the interior red insert is also too deep on the right and cuts through the red – which results in light horizontal lines. I didn’t even notice this until I went to take pics – so it’s really not that big of a deal. -0.25

## **Accuracy – 8.75/10**

A few things that I noted in regards to the accuracy – with the caveat that I don’t have the auth for a side by side comparison and I’m relying on photos online.

  • The thread for the exterior is a dark brown color whereas the auth is a lighter brown. To me – this is the biggest call out on the piece. -1
  • The tip of the flap is a little pointy? Where the auth is slightly more rounded. Though, in fairness, this could be highly variable even on the auth. -0.25
  • The red insert has a slight flaw – in that it’s not backed with red behind the card cut out circles. So little brown circles show. The auth is backed with red so it’s even throughout. But you’d have to KNOW the bag and I don’t really care about such a minor detail, so -0.0

## **Satisfaction – 9.75/10**

While it’s not perfect – for the price I am pretty thrilled with this bag. If the thread color was correct, this would easily be a 10/10 bag for me. But even with that and the other minor issues – I’m very very happy with it. $112 vs $1,490 is quite a difference, and I will happily wear this bag out on date nights.

My photos of the Pochette in Mono Empireinte from Huahui | PSPs | W2C – no factory photos – George informed me they could source it from Huahui | Auth

## **Quality – 9.5/10**

The leather feels like good quality and there was zero fufu smell. It feels a little dry – but it’s really nothing that an application of Bicks won’t take care of. The Empireinte looks decent to me. It’s even and the depth is consistent throughout. My biggest qualm is the quality of the chain (see accuracy below).

## **Accuracy – 9/10**

  • The stitches on the bag are larger (wider?) than the auth. I’m being VERY picky when I call this out, and it really doesn’t bother me. -0.25
  • The chain is a brighter yellow and the links are not as heavy nor as “soft” as the auth or the piece from OS. -0.5
  • The leather circle backing behind the front clasp is slightly larger than auth. -0.25

## **Satisfaction – 9.75/10**

Again – for the price – I am very happy with this piece. I might use the chain from the OS bag when I take her out – which would solve the chain issue I noted above.

Bonus comparison shots of Orange Sofa vs Huahui!

## **Seller Communication and Service – 10/10**

George was good to work with, and they seemed very knowledgeable about the quality of pieces from different factories. They also provided shipping quickly and the package arrived very fast. Any misunderstandings were quickly fixed once I started communicating with translated Chinese as suggested in the FAQ.

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