Disclosure: After shipping my stuff, Betty sent this:

“If quality is satisfactory, Please help me write a review on RepLadies,Thanks 😊

After the review is passed,please send me the link and purchase it next time there have a gift for you😊”

Seller’s Contact Information:

Betty’s Phone: +86 137 5175 8505 and +86 135 3969 2195

Betty’s WeChat: Babalawa88

• Shipping Cost: 200 CNY

• Carrier: DHL

• Order timeline:

  • Asked about the Dior sneakers, Bottega Veneta bag and Gucci sunglasses on the 1st of June. Paid on the same day.
  • Received PSPs of above items on the 4th of June.
  • Asked about the Balenciaga sneakers and Louis Vuitton slides on the same day. Paid on the same day.
  • Received PSPs of above items on the 6th of June.
  • Shipped on the 7th of June.
  • Recieved on the 21st of June

Agent/Seller Service and Communication – 10/10

Betty is the perfect seller for me. She throws in emojis and gratitude and offers information such as the factory names when not asked. I can feel the effort she is putting forward to be useful and cordial.

Bottega Veneta Jodie Bag 1700 CNY

(WT Factory)

My Photos | W2C | Auth | PSPs

Quality – 7/10

I tested this bag for three days in temperate and rainy weather and here is my conclusion.

This bag is almost flimsy. It’s not bad, it’s not flimsy. But it’s not that far from being so.

The leather is too thin and soft. I will elaborate on this in the accuracy section. The edges of the weaving are fragile and prone to the leather peeling. The crisscross weaving is also not as taut as it should be to be a durable bag (-3).

I would be surprised if this bag survives more than a year of regular use without something getting caught on the weaving or some more peeling happening.

Accuracy – 7/10

The measurements and colour matches the auth. But the leather of this replica is thinner and softer than the auth. You can tell with your eye alone that the leather is less grainy, hence the softness and the thinness is a tad obvious (-2).

This is a replica of the original Jodie Hobo, but the shape is more angular than it should be. So much so that I initially thought I was accidentally sent the Jodie Teen. This isn’t as noticeable though unless the bag is empty (-1).

Satisfaction – 6/10

I do not regret this purchase. Despite its flaws, I actually don’t think it’s calloutable. Still, I would have preferred thicker leather because then I would trust that it would be more durable.

I wanted a bag that I could take to my art classes or to the farmer’s market and this bag fits that aesthetic so much. So, I’m kind of let down with the quality but I’ll still walk around with it contently.

Gucci GG1021S 003 Sunglasses 430 CNY

My Photos | W2C | Auth | PSPs

Quality – 9/10

I am not sure how to analyse the quality of sunglasses so I tried by comparison.

I handled these replica sunnies and also handled cheap stall sunnies (€10), Guess sunnies (€60) and Ray Ban’s (€160).

Just going by touch and fiddling around, I came to the conclusion that the lenses felt and looked better than the cheap stall sunglasses but not as good as the Guess’ lenses, and the frame looked and felt much better and sturdier than the Ray Ban’s.

So definitely worth the money.

I sometimes travel to a country that often gets to 50 degrees (celsius, not fahrenheit, you strange Americans!) so I would like to see how they hold up in that heat. My cheap Primark sunglasses literally melted the last time I was there 😭

Accuracy – 9.5/10

I am quite impressed with how the replica glasses I recieved exactly resemble the images of the auth. The one very small issue is the colour of the lens is slightly off. The auth pair have a top-to-bottom fade of brown to clear but the replica is all brown (-0.5).

It’s not insanely obvious though and I doubt anyone would pick up on it even if they were familiar with the auth, especially since you can swap lenses.

Satisfaction – 10/10

They are large. They cover a lot of my face. If I’m looking gross in the airport or want to hide while grocery shopping, they’re great. I like having a nude pair because my only other pairs are black. Super cute!

Louis Vuitton Pool Pillow Comfort Slides 580 CNY

My Photos | W2C | Auth | PSPs

Quality – 10/10

I am reluctant to judge the quality of shoes without having worn them for long.

I can’t say if the colour of these slides will stay or fade but I can say that they feel very solid and strong. They are heavy and thick and so far, they feel durable and comfy.

Accuracy – 8/10

There are three pinks to consider with these slides. The pink of the strap, the pink of the insole and the pink of the outer sole. With the auth, each of these shades of pink is the same.

With my slides however, the pinks do not match. The most bottom pink of the outer sole is almost coral or peachy toned than the luminous pink it should be. The insole is slightly darker than what it should be, it’s a touch too rosey. The pink of the strap however is accurate. It’s nice and bright. But because the three shades are so close to the strap, the difference is more obvious so (-2) for both off-colours.

These are meant to be pool slippers so maybe I can blame the discolouration on the chlorine and the sun? 😂

Satisfaction – 8/10

The off-ness of the colours irks me enough that I’m actually considering buying a replacement. Maybe in the future. Still, I feel like Elle Woods in something so bright pink and Malibu-esque. I like them and am satisfied enough.

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